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8 indisputable things that are just better in autumn

There’s a distinct chill in the air.
Sep 8th 2015, 10:56 AM 6,045 2

AUTUMN IS IN full swing, and the temperature is dropping.

This is definitely not a bad thing.

1. It’s so pretty

Green is so last season, it’s all about the browns and oranges now.

Beech Leaves Source: Eskling

2. Hot toddies

Sure, you almost need these during the Irish summer too, but there’s something about sitting in a pub with a big fire and sipping a hot toddie while the leaves shed outside.

Hot toddy Source: SanFranAnnie

3. The TV

It’s SO much better than during the summer. All the reality trash, sports, and er, The Late Late Show return. You know Fridays haven’t been the same without it.

Late-Late-543-630x419 Source: RTÉ

4. Coffee

Coffee can get all fancy with ice in the summer, but nothing beats a hot foaming cup when the chill in the air would cut you.

7417277818_24db95a92e_b Source: The-digital-reader

5. The good heavy coat comes out

The good heavy coat is like constantly getting warms hugs by angels. Yes, it looks like crap, but the colder weather mean that THAT’S OKAY.


6. You don’t have to feel bad about knocking the heat on

No longer will you have to feel the Irish guilt that comes with constantly wanting to knock the heat on at nonesense times.

9 Source: Shtterstock

7. The smell in the air

No one can really sum up the smell of autumn but it’s out there.

8. The kids are back in school

You know what that means? LESS KIDS IN PLACES YOU ARE.

54/365 Source: cinnamon_girl

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