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Woman takes out newspaper ad to give husband a whopping burn

Shots fired. Man down.

Everything you needed to know about Reddit but were too afraid to ask

Your guide to getting the most out of it. Subreddits, the lingo and upvotes, oh my!

A traditional Irish tune is going viral thanks to these superb street dancers

Who knew That Rare Old Mountain Dew was so popular on the streets?

US Redditor offering €110 to the person who finds ancestors' Dublin home

A architecture-themed mystery to work your brain over this morning.

Here is yet another reason all men should have beards

The storage potential is infinite.

News reporter accidentally shows the world Pornhub bookmark on phone

Two words. Incognito mode.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's real life is just as action-packed as his films

He did his second Reddit AMA yesterday and revealed all.

Is this the most straight-talking car ad on DoneDeal?

‘She’s in great running order but ‘The Man’ says I need some paperwork to put her on the road.’

10 essential life questions, answered by a 103-year-old woman

AKA the wisdom you actually need.

Commander Hadfield inspires an Irish online photoshop battle

Hadfield with Collins and Dev, Hadfield winning the World Cup for Ireland…

This David Attenborough comment thread turned into an incredible Fresh Prince cover

This is why the internet is wonderful.

What is the one species of animal David Attenborough 'never thinks about'?

That, and 8 other highlights from his Reddit AMA.

Dog tries to imitate emergency siren, fails adorably

It was worth a try.

A man with two penises has done an Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Oh, please, don’t pretend like you don’t have a few questions you’d like to ask him yourself.

From This is what Michelangelo's weekly shop in 1518 looked like Michelangelo

This is what Michelangelo's weekly shop in 1518 looked like

Herring, salami and a fair amount of wine features on the ancient shopping list.

This online forum helps strangers save Christmas for children in need

It’s a Reddit Christmas miracle.

This man spliced his face into Home Alone for a hilarious, disturbing Christmas card

Home Alone, as performed entirely by Paul Little. Woof.

11 unbelievable acts of insane cheapness

We’d say that these people still have their Communion money.

Bill Gates did a Secret Santa with someone on the internet

He gave her a stuffed cow. Sound?

7 of the best bits from Commander Chris Hadfield's AMA

The retired astronaut returned to Reddit for the third time to answer all our pesky questions. He really loves us.

Teacher demonstrates to class how pictures spread on the internet, goes viral

It’s safe to say she proved her point.

This goat could really use a strepsil or something

Maybe an exorcism?

Video emerges of 'dungeon' found beneath Irish man's apartment

The calls are coming from inside the house…

Irish lads' 'hashtag' conversation goes viral after Jimmy Fallon sketch

The comedy bit making fun of hashtags is now doing the internet rounds.

The best moments from Tom Hanks 'ask me anything'

AMAs are like a box of chocolates…

10 things we learned from Cher's brilliant 'ask me anything'

She’s not fond of Madonna and describes herself as ‘gay catnip’.

'Loving' father's obituary ends on surprising note

He didn’t hold back when it came to the end!

From Weird Wide Web: GTA nostalgia, a booze-powered computer and a Reddit cult Week In Web

Weird Wide Web: GTA nostalgia, a booze-powered computer and a Reddit cult

All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.

This dog ate the dog Monopoly piece

Did it even pass Go?

9 of the best bits from Madonna's AMA

She dreams about Brad Pitt and is going canoeing with Snoop Lion.

Turning shorts into dresses is the latest fashion trend

Stylin’ lads, stylin’.

12 eye-opening photos of objects cut in half

Things in cross section are amazing.

6 things we learned from Ricky Gervais' 'ask me anything'

Ireland is one of his favourite gigs.