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Last year
Referendums on 'women in the home' reference and wider definition of family to be held in March
Wording concerns remain as date set for 'women in the home' and definition of family referendums
Opinion: Beware the referendum proposal on the women in the home – all is not as it seems
Dr Laura Cahillane
Australians vote against enshrining Indigenous Voice into constitution in divisive referendum
Two referendums on gender equality and family expected to take place next year
Women in the Home Referendum will likely be held next year, Minister says
FactFind: What are the laws around asylum seekers being able to vote in Irish elections?
Two referendums instead of one may be required on gender equality with 'tight' November timeline
Varadkar says ‘women in the home’ referendum will be held in November, despite rumours of delay
Despite a free vote, no FF TDs and just one FG TD voted in favour of PBP's abortion bill
Taoiseach criticises SF's Irish unity adverts in the New York Times calling it 'unhelpful'
Referendum on constitutional reference to woman's 'life within the home' to be held in November
New Electoral Commission formally established with Supreme Court judge as chairperson
All time
Gender Equality Committee proposes rewording for ‘women in the home’ reference in Constitution
UK's highest court rules Scottish Parliament cannot hold Indyref2 without Westminster consent
CETA: Supreme Court rules trade deal cannot be ratified by Oireachtas unless law is changed
Oireachtas report recommends referendum on women's place in the home
Scotland to hold second independence referendum in October 2023
Future Scottish independence referendum ‘should be put to all four UK nations’
Give 16-year-olds the vote? TDs are set to debate a motion calling for a referendum on the move
Swiss voters approve same-sex marriage by clear margin in referendum
Hungary plans to hold a referendum over its controversial LGBT law
Switzerland rejects proposal to become first country in Europe to ban pesticides
'Women in the home clause' the key question as virtual Citizens' Assembly to deliver its results
Scottish minister says vote for independence will take place at the end of Covid pandemic
Scottish independence would be like Brexit on a rocket to Mars, Lib Dem leader warns
New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia but not marijuana in referendums
'It is up to the Dáil': Government won't need referendum to introduce assisted dying law
Nicola Sturgeon sets out plans for independence referendum draft bill in 2021
Quiz: How well do you remember the marriage equality referendum count day?
Majority of people in Ireland want to allow Irish citizens abroad to vote in presidential elections
Majority of people in the Republic want Irish unity referendum within five years
Poll: Should we hold a referendum on capping insurance payouts?
Cabinet to discuss divorce proposals amid fears Brexit could impact recognition of UK separations
Poll: Should citizens in the North be allowed vote in Irish presidential elections?
Referendum commission over extending voting rights abroad set up
Campaigners want to 'bust some myths' about presidential voting rights for citizens abroad
High Court throws out misconduct in public office case against Boris Johnson
It's a Yes: Ireland has voted resoundingly to pass the divorce referendum
Exit poll shows Greens will top European poll in Dublin amid big gains for the party