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This week
28th May 2023 - 2nd June 2023
# 2024
Former US vice president Mike Pence to announce White House bid next week - US media
The 63-year-old will launch his presidential campaign on 7 June with a speech in Iowa, it’s been reported.
This year
# Abortion Rights
US Republicans fret over abortion as states balk at bans
Reproductive rights are set to take center stage in the 2024 election in the US.
Larry Donnelly: Biden declares and Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News - it's all happening in the US
Our columnist looks at Biden announcing his bid for a second term and Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News.
# gun control
Tennessee Republicans expel two Democratic lawmakers for joining gun control protest
Banishment is generally reserved as a punishment for politicians accused of serious misconduct – not as a weapon against political opponents.
# Classified
Republicans demand information on Biden’s visitor logs after records found at home
Classified documents have been found at addresses linked to the US president.
# kevin mccarthy
US House speaker finally chosen after bitter Republican dispute
A far-right revolt in the party had extended the contest to a historic 15 rounds of voting.
# kevin mccarthy
Explainer: Why can't the House of Representatives elect a speaker?
Twenty hardline Republicans are blocking their party’s candidate, Kevin McCarthy.
# kevin mccarthy
Deadlock deepens in US House showdown as Republicans again fail to elect speaker
US President Joe Biden called the Republicans’ struggles “embarrassing”.
Larry Donnelly: The radicals are wreaking havoc on Capitol Hill
Our columnist looks at the chaos in the US Congress as Republicans spar over the election of a speaker.
Last year
# US Midterms
Pelosi to step down as Speaker as Republicans set to retake US House of Representatives
The California Democrat rose to become the nation’s first woman to wield the speaker’s gavel.
# Midterms
US Democrats close in on Senate majority as counts continue
Midterms traditionally deliver a rejection of the party in power but Republicans did not perform as well as expected.
Larry Donnelly: Garth Brooks can't fix US politics, but he deserves credit for taking a stance
Our columnist looks at Ireland’s favourite country and western singer and finds Brooks has a lot more political depth than you might expect.
Larry Donnelly: Are we seeing rays of hope for Democrats?
Our columnist says surprising abortion votes and the fact that Republicans have an issue with Trump could sway things for Democrats.
# US
Trump suffers stinging losses in Georgia Republican contests
Governor Brian Kemp easily defeated Donald Trump’s hand-picked challenger in the critical swing state.
# dr oz
Trump urges celebrity doctor to declare victory in US Senate primary
Trump urged Dr Oz, who he has endorsed, to declare victory in Tuesday’s too-close-to-call Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary.
# Abortion Rights
US Senate to vote on bill that codifies right to abortion into law, but it will likely fail
Democrats were due to lead the vote in a bid to pin down Republicans on the deeply divisive issue ahead of crucial midterm elections.
All time
Larry Donnelly: Republicans and Democrats need to play the next election cycle very carefully
Our columnist says Democrats were bruised by recent elections and he now has this advice for both parties…
# Virginia
Republican win in Virginia 'shows potency of the culture wars' in US politics
It was expected to be a comfortable Democratic win but became a toss-up in the closing days of the campaign.
Larry Donnelly: What might Tuesday’s elections in the US hold in store?
Voters in a number of states and municipalities will choose officials to represent them at a range of different levels.
US agrees to extend debt ceiling to avoid catastrophic credit default
Chuck Schumer announced the breakthrough today after hours of negotiations in Congress.
# Gardaí
Three people arrested in Cavan searches targeting dissident republicans
A “significant” search was carried out in Cavan by An Garda Síochána this morning.
# elise stefanik
Republicans choose Trump loyalist to replace ousted Cheney in key Congress role
Elise Stefanik has repeated many of the former president’s claims about election fraud.
# Republicans
Republicans vote to oust Trump critic Liz Cheney from leadership role
In a statement this morning after the vote, Trump said “Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being”.
Trump steps up attack on McConnell as he continues to rage over election result
Some Republicans fear Trump’s continued presence could harm their chances at future elections.
# impeachment trial
McConnell says Trump 'practically, morally responsible' for provoking Capitol riots - but voted to acquit him
The five-day trial concluded last night as expected – with most Republicans declaring Trump not guilty.
# qanon
US Republican who spread conspiracy theories thrown off congress committees
Nearly all Republicans voted against the move but none defended Greene’s lengthy history of outrageous social media posts.
# qanon
Republicans say they will stand by congresswoman who supported bizarre conspiracy theories
There have been calls for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be punished for her online embrace of racist views and bizarre conspiracy theories.
# marjorie taylor greene
Radical US Republican under fire over social media posts signalling support for execution of Democrats
Marjorie Taylor Greene also posted a video of herself confronting a school shooting survivor, calling him a “coward”.
# impeachment
All but five Senate Republicans vote against holding Donald Trump impeachment trial
The trial’s first procedural vote, a 55-45 tally against dismissing the impeachment, suggests Trump still has GOP support.
# Nancy Pelosi
House Republicans who helped Capitol Hill rioters could be prosecuted - Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi said there was “strong interest” in Congress for a 9/11-style investigation of the attack on the Capitol.
# White House
Trump's sudden demands and refusal to sign key bill could shut down the US government on Monday
Washington is now hurtling toward a crisis with Covid aid about to collapse, as the president is at his Mar-a-Lago club for Christmas.
# US Election
Here's what you need to know about the US Senate and House post-election
The Democrats look unlikely to flip the Senate, as some had predicted.
# Final Stretch
Joe Biden and Donald Trump criss-cross key states in final hours of the campaign
Joe Biden still retains a lead ahead of Trump, according to the polls.
# senate hearings
Trump's Supreme Court choice Amy Coney Barrett looks nailed on for Senate approval after tense week
It’s very likely that Barrett will take her seat on the US Supreme Court prior to the 3 November election.
# us elex 2020
Judge in Texas blocks Republican governor's order limiting ballot drop-off sites
The judge said the move would restrict the right of some voters.
# never mind the ballots
Donald Trump weighs in again to question reliability of mail-in votes
Democratic nominee Joe Biden has met the family of Jacob Blake, who was shot by a white police officer.
# key dates
US election: What’s next for the Trump and Biden campaigns?
Now the Democratic and Republican national conventions are over, what lies ahead in the battle for the White House?
'You are not alone': Melania Trump says president will not stop until Covid-19 vaccine is found
The First Lady offered her sympathies to all those affected by the pandemic.
# Republican Convention
Republican Party formally nominates Trump to take on Biden in US 2020 elections
The nomination was one of the first acts of a Republican convention.
# crucial moment
An optimistic Trump hoping for major boost as Republicans to nominate him for second term at convention
The US President is trailing his Democrat rival Joe Biden in the opinion polls.