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# Research
England and New Zealand women to wear impact-monitoring gumshields for November Tests
Leinster, Clermont and Benetton’s men’s teams are also trialling the gumshields as rugby attempts to learn more about its links to head injury.
# Suicide
Ireland's first national survey into suicide bereavement being launched today
The research aims to provide a national profile of the impact of suicide bereavement.
# Housing Crisis
Lone parents and their children account for more than half of all homeless families
Less than 25% of lone parents reported home-ownership, compared with 70% of the total population.
# Research
LED streetlights contribute to insect population declines, study finds
‘Eco-friendly’ lights were found to be worse than sodium ones – but both contribute to insect decline, new research has found.
# nui galway
Global study suggests new treatment approach for critically-ill Covid patients
The study involved 1,121 patients in Ireland, the US, Canada, Mexico, France and Spain.
# Report
Sex worker activists among world's most 'at risk' human rights defenders
The report notes several cases of activists being asked to provide sex to police in exchange for the freedom of other detained sex workers.
# Ageism
Older people felt 'cancelled' during Covid-19 due to Ireland's 'endemic' ageism, report finds
The report says older people’s health deteriorated during the pandemic and the incidence of depression rose.
# financial cost
Domestic violence costs Irish victims €113,000 over more than 20 years – study
Lost income, health and legal costs and damage to property are cumulatively costing domestic violence victims billions every year.
# butterfly skin
UCD researchers developing ‘life changing’ treatment for painful skin condition
Epidermolysis bullosa, known as ‘butterfly skin’, is a genetic condition which causes blistering of the skin.
# Research
House prices spike 13% across Ireland as supply dips further
Prices are rising at a much faster rate outside Dublin.
# pandemic payments
Over 95% on PUP would be financially better off in employment – ESRI
The payment is not a disincentive to employment, new research has found.
# Red C
One-third of nation feels nervous about being able to meet up with people indoors again
That’s according to new polling conducted by Red C on behalf of The Journal.
# Climate Change
Global warming responsible for one in three heat-related deaths, says study
The findings are based on simulations of climate, with and without human-induced emissions.
# young people
Relationship breakdowns and parental job losses 'key triggers' for child poverty, research shows
The ESRI found that around four in ten young people surveyed experienced at least one spell of poverty between 2007 and 2017.
# global research
Almost half of Irish people are concerned about sharing personal information online
This is a decline of 8% from 2019 to 2020, placing Ireland close to the global average of 45%.
# nui galway
People who had difficult childhood events may be struggling with mental health during pandemic, researchers say
A clinical psychologist at NUI Galway says self-compassion and hope are key to mental wellbeing amid Covid-19.
# Research
Significant drop in number of children drinking and smoking in the last two decades
More children reported feeling low and being on a diet compared with 1998.
# Alcohol
Men in Ireland have less regret over being drunk than women, study suggests
The Global Drugs Survey 2020 found respondents in Ireland were drunk more times in a year than the global average.
# Research
Almost three-quarters of Irish adults aged 58 and over have two or more medical conditions
New research from Trinity College should provide a baseline to identify longterm impacts of the pandemic.
# Research
More 'robust' proof needed to show link between heading and dementia - FIFPro medical officer
The disease has become a major issue again following the death of Nobby Stiles.
# Research
Mouthwash can kill coronavirus within 30 seconds in laboratory tests, study finds
Professor David Thomas said although the study is very encouraging, more clinical research is now needed.
# Research
Study finds link between air pollution and neurological disorders
The study is the first nationwide analysis of the link between fine particulate pollution and neurodegenerative diseases in the US.
# Research
Bottle-fed babies may ingest 'millions' of microplastics each day, Irish researchers find
The authors noted that it was in developed nations that babies were likely ingesting the most plastic.
# Coronavirus
First Covid-19 reinfection in US confirmed by researchers
A 25-year-old man with no known immune disorders or underlying conditions was infected with Covid-19 on two separate occasions.
# Exercise
Young people who play sports show lower levels of anxiety and depression, study says
Researchers surveyed more than 5,000 11-20-year-olds late last year.
# Health
Ireland's public healthcare expenditure ranks ninth in Europe, ESRI report says
The report author said Ireland’s HCE should not be “interpreted as a measure of hospital service expenditure”.
# Selling our genes
Selling Our Genes: Government inaction allowing private sector to take control of our DNA
Hospitals and universities across Ireland are collaborating with Genuity Science due to, experts say, lack of a public project or strategy.
# Selling our genes
Selling Our Genes: UCD agreement with for-profit DNA collection company 'restrictive'
Expert familiar with such agreements cited issues with data access, exclusivity and intellectual property.
Selling Our Genes: Government needs to keep ‘our national identity’ in public ownership
Ireland still has a chance to take control of genomics research – if it follows this advice.
# Coronavirus
Covid-19 virus analysis suggests low level of mutation compared to other RNA viruses
But the researchers say some changes are occurring and these are useful to follow the spread of virus.
# bmj
Social distancing rules for Covid-19 are based on outdated science, researchers argue
That’s according to research published in medical journal the BMJ.
# Study
Women who are pregnant or trying for a baby should avoid caffeine altogether, research suggests
The current guidelines from the HSE suggest that pregnant women drink no more than 200mg of caffeine per day.
# Study
Children may carry more Covid-19 in their system than previously thought, new research says
The lead author of the study in the US said he “was not expecting the viral load to be so high” in children infected with Covid-19.
# Pregnancy
Embryos could be susceptible to Covid-19 in second week of pregnancy, study finds
“It is important to say that this work is at a very hypothetical stage,” Professor Christoph Lees said.
# Co Armagh
Evidence of Iron Age temple complex uncovered at Navan Fort
The research will be published in the Oxford Journal of Archaeology.
As millennials approach middle age, they face the second recession of their generation
Dr Amie Lajoie says millennials hope the policy of Ireland’s new government will be anything but austerity, to avoid further damaging an already bruised generation.
# Wellbeing
Nationwide survey will ask people how they are coping as Covid-19 restrictions ease
It will also ask people about how well they feel the government is balancing the lifting of restrictions with that of economic and social wellbeing.
# nui galway
High blood pressure can double risk of Covid-19 death, study says
The new research was published today in the European Heart Journal.
# hydroxychloroquine
Drug backed by Donald Trump does not help treat Covid-19, according to new research
In one study, adverse effects were more common in patients who received hydroxychloroquine.
Opinion poll shows 43% of people think the worst of the coronavirus crisis is over
Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan said he is ‘hopeful’ that restrictions will be lifted in line with Phase One of the Roadmap, next week.