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# retro
Twitter was amused by George Hamilton's odd-sounding commentary tonight
Many of the site’s users questioned whether he was commentating from the moon.
# All access
Sony announces game-streaming service Playstation Now
The service will allow Sony users to stream and play old Playstation games on their PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Bravia TVs, smartphones, and tablets.
# Cup Champions
18 of our favourite sporting Christmas presents as kids
From Subutteo to Roller Blades and everything in between.
# retro
15 toys from your childhood that are worth a fortune now
Well, compared to what you paid for them anyway.
# Retro gone wrong
The new multi-coloured Sochi Olympics uniforms are pretty awful
There are 100 days to go until the Winter Games get underway. And this what the volunteers will have to wear.
# retro
Power-ranking 9 of our favourite childhood table-top sports games
From Subbuteo to table hockey, we’ve ranked our favourites.
# she's electric
Your favourite old ESB ad gets the voiceover treatment
I think I’m goin’ back, to the things I learned so well… in my yooooouth…
# short back and sides
11 of THOSE hairstyles we all deeply regret
Oh, the horror. The horror.
# Nostalgia
Your retro Manchester United team photo of the day
Stay classy, 1982.
# sponsored by Johnson Mooney O'Brien
8 retro lunchboxes you wanted in primary school
These certainly are a blast from the past. Spot any familiar ones?
# Nostalgia
These Irish ads from the early 90s will take you back
Can you sing along with the Cadet song?
# Irish Open 2013
Reeling in the Irish Open Years: a history in 4 minutes
As we get ready to head to Carton House next week, here’s a clip of some of the tournament’s most memorable moments.
# friday flashback
On this night in 1996 you were listening to... Smashing Pumpkins
A Friday Flashback to get your weekend started…
# postcard perfect
John Hinde: Nostalgic images are not just for Ireland
London and Amsterdam will see exhibition of shots from major landmarks around England and, of course, Ireland.
# retro
17 things we'd like to see revived in sport
Ridiculously long shorts and other phenomena we miss.
# Atari Breakout
Google gets us hooked on classic Atari game
Search engine ‘Easter Egg’ lets users play Atari Breakout to celebrate the game’s 37th birthday.
# yellow pack
8 everyday items you'll probably never see again
Does anyone have a spare floppy disc?
# timeless
Is this the coolest photography in Ireland?
Tired of the same old digital imagery, cameraman Alex Sapienza turned to 100-year-old wetplate photography to create the ultimate retro portraits.
# things could be worse
Thank your lucky stars you're not in these family photos
Things could be worse this Easter weekend.
# Ireland v Austria
VIDEO: So, what happened the last time we met Austria?
The best thing about these two matches is, unquestionably, Toni Polster’s magnificent head of hair.
# the best things in life are free
7 amazing things you got for free as a kid
They filled you with happiness.
# retro
Remember Sensible Soccer? Here’s how some of Ireland’s most famous goals would look
Add one part football geekdom and one part happy memories, and this is what you get.
# magic shoes?
Retro advert alert: Clarks Magic Steps
Princess, help us…
# on the case
9 deadly ways to disguise your iPhone
What do you mean you don’t have a cover on it?!?
# you told us
Top readers' comments of the week
Here’s our round-up of the funniest, most thought-provoking and interesting comments you lot made this week. Did you make it in?
# Revolutionary
VIDEO: What mobile phones were like in 1989 – and 8 places to use them
According to this advert for a suitcase-sized mobile.
# retro
In pics: The early gadgets of the housework revolution
Electric coffee dispenser in your car? Dish AND clothes washing machine? These was the early (domestic) appliances of science…
# hindesight
You wanted a book of John Hinde postcards? You got it.
Photographic arm of classic postcard company has made its way back out of examinership – and has produced a collectors’ book… on the suggestion of readers.
# the way we were
9 fashion trends from the Nineties we'll never forget
Mood rings, flannel shirts and combats – what ’90s trends do you love the best? We take a look at some of our favourites. Sort of.
# retro
44 days to Euro 2012: Panini porn
Is there a sight more satisfying than that of a completed sticker album?
# retro
Because he's retiring, here's your Trevor Mortimer throwback pic of the day
The Mayo veteran, who last played in the All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Kerry, is hanging up his boots.
# the way we were
8 trends from the 1990s we're happy disappeared
The trends we wish time forgot, like Beanie Babies, Pogs, Pokemon and Troll Dolls…
# pic of the day
Fake Retro Gangster Pic of the Day
No comment.
# Driving in Dublin
VIDEO: A drive down Grafton Street, Dublin, in 1976
Reader Max McQuillan sent in this cool video of his father and a friend driving around Dublin’s city centre in the 1970s.
# Work Can Wait
Learn bike safety through the medium of... rap
Irish kids had Judge from Wanderly Wagon to teach them about road safety – American kids of the 1990s had rap. White rap.
# retro
The best of The Open: Harrington retains his title
With The Open Championship teeing off at Sandwich next Thursday, The Score starts looking back at the best video clips from past tournaments.
# Smurfs
Scholar compares Papa Smurf to Stalin, calls Smurfs racists
A French academic is coming under fire for suggesting that that Smurfette and co are anti-semitic Nazis.
# Toyshow
Dry your Tiny Tears: these are the top childhood toys
As the Late Late Toy Show reconvenes on RTE tonight, gets misty-eyed at the memory of Manta Force, Sindy, Mr Frosty and the Big Red Fun Bus.