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Column: It hasn’t been an easy Christmas – but the best traditions remain’s regular columnist Lisa McInerney finds that Christmas 2011 was a muted affair – but there were some traditions that we should be glad we’re rid of.
All we want for 2012 (and what we won’t miss from 2011)’s writers have each picked one thing that they are glad to see the back of – and one thing they are looking forward to this year.
Read Me: The year’s best opinion pieces from
Thought-provoking, moving, controversial: Our pick of the top ten Read Mes from 2011.
The 'is that a real story?' stories of the year
*Who* was eaten by badgers…?
RIP: The people who died in 2011
From Garret FitzGerald to Steve Jobs, we take a look at some of the people from politics, entertainment and sport who died this year.
Column: Cardinal Rules remembers 2011
The Pope’s stunt double, liveblogging the British royal wedding, a politican and an inflatable penis – good times, my flock, good times.
2011 a "time of great challenge and progress", says Obama
The President of the United States made his New Year’s address today, telling Americans that the country can help create jobs and grow the economy by working together.
In pictures:’s winners and losers of 2011
Who came out on top, and who was bringing up the rear? Here are our picks for the winners and losers of the year.
Un-smooth criminals: nine not-so-clever crimes committed in 2011
Think criminals had to be smart to try and escape the clutches of the law? Turns out you don’t have to be very smart at all, as this motley crew proved.
13 fabulously cringetastic moments of the year
Politicians in particular excelled at making a show of themselves – even when they are not intending to.
Open thread: What are you glad to see the back of in 2011?
It wasn’t a GREAT year, to be fair. Let it all out (and let it go) and tell us what bothered you in 2011.
Top 25 hits of the US - in one mash-up
This is what has us dancing in’s office this morning…
2011: The Year in Numbers
From #aras11 to #ge11, from Ireland’s economic black hole to the controversial household charge: We bring you all the important numbers of 2011.
Top 10 stories that you searched for in 2011
What do Darron Gibson, Olivia O’Leary, Brian Lenihan and the ‘super-moon’ all have in common? You’re about to find out…
The best memes of 2011
Remember Nyan Cat, Scumbag Steve and the Dating Site Murderer? Time to look back on the most popular memes of 2011…
Gaddafi, KJI, Mubarak and Ben Ali: why 2011 was a bad year for dictators
And who might be under threat in 2012…
Obama, Cloyne and an 'elderly poet': how the world's media saw Ireland in 2011
It’s been an eventful year for the nation, here’s how the international media saw the big events.
Top 5 most memorable moments in Irish traffic in 2011
From Obama’s visit to a truck that spilled mayonnaise all over a road, we take a look at some of the standout moments in traffic on Ireland’s roads in 2011.
Top 10 stories that got you talking in 2011
Alternative medicine, the Gaza flotilla and same-sex marriages – these are the stories that sparked the most debate in 2011.
Who said that?’s 2011 Quotes Quiz
We’ve picked out the highlights of the year in quotations. But which public figure said them?
Recessions, downgrades and Super Mario - 2011: the year in money
2011 may be remembered in future as the year we sorted out the financial crisis – or the year in which it grew beyond our control.
In pictures: the natural disasters of 2011
Last year saw a number of major natural disasters strike, including earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Turkey, volcanic eruptions in Chile and Iceland, and severe tropical storms in Asia.
Top 10 stories you shared on Facebook in 2011
Pizza is a vegetable, a pet rescue in the Liffey and the tragedy of one young woman’s lonely death – some of the stories you most wanted to share with your Facebook friends.
Video: 2011 - the year in gaffes
From the government’s €3.6bn ‘accounting error’, to confusing a Hollywood actor with a serial killer, here are this year’s most memorable gaffes.
14 game-changing moments of 2011
These were the catalysts for some of the upheavals at home and abroad this past year…
Top 10 stories you tweeted in 2011
Gay mice, a footballer leaving Twitter and an April Fools’ joke – some of the stories you most wanted to share with your Twitter followers.
Watch this incredible mashup of the films of 2011
The beautiful video showcases 2011 film like you’ve never seen it.
2011: The year of resignations
Undone by sex scandals, economic failures, uprisings and other controversies, an astonishing number of high-profile figures resigned from their various posts in the past 12 months.
Back to the future 2: our writers look forward to 2012... and reflect on the year just past
Sean O’Brien facts, Trap’s cat is in the sack and Jo Canning bringing sexy back. Join us by the fore for a chat.
Meow! Insults, catfights and Twitter: the top feuds of 2011
Family tension getting to you today? Don’t panic – it could be worse. Check out all these catty moments from 2011…
#ge11, #Egypt, #tigerblood: the year in Twitter hashtags
From our own #aras11 to the devastation of the #Japan earthquake and tsunami, here’s how some of 2011′s most defining events were captured on Twitter…
In pictures: The Arab Spring uprisings of 2011
Anti-government protests first broke out in Tunisia, before inspiring similar movements across the Middle East and bringing down leaders in Egypt and Libya.
Splitsville: celebrity breakups of 2011
We say we don’t care but we kinda do.
New words: the official* glossary of 2011
*Not really. But these are the words that we never used (or understood the meaning of) before 2011.
Back to the future: our writers reflect on the year just past... and look forward to 2012
So how was it for you? Join our writers for a moment of quiet reflection – and an auto-tuned Trap.
What's on? Christmas TV for every mood’s roundup of what is on the box today (even if you are feeling more Bah! Humbug! rather than Ho!Ho!Ho!
Top six comebacks of 2011
Who made a comeback this year? From politicians to pop stars, we take a look at the top six.
It wasn't all bad: 13 'good news' stories from 2011
The nicer side of the news…
2011's top 7 lucky escapes
There were numerous lucky people this year who escaped from car crashes, plummeting helicopters, speeding trains and more. We have some of the most jaw-dropping videos here.
Gallery: here’s 83 of our favourite sports pictures from the past 12 months
It was quite a year – this is how 2011 looked through your favourite sports photographers’ lenses.