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Slideshow: 2010 in Photos
This year brought countless events that challenged, delighted and saddened us… We’ve collected some of the best moments captured in the click of a lens in 2010.
2010 in Photos: June
In June, the 2010 Fifa World Cup kicked off in South Africa, torrential rains hit China, and temperatures soared in Ireland.
2010 in Photos: March
In March, hundreds of hopeful people queued outside the Passport Office in Dublin; Unrest exploded on the streets on Athens; and parts of China faced the most severe drought in over 50 years.
2010 in Photos: February
In February the underdog won the Superbowl; Willie O’Dea resigned as Minister for Defence; and Chile was rocked by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.
2010 in Photos: January
In January, the world’s tallest building was unveiled; Irish passports were forged by the Israeli secret service; and longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium occured.
Eyes down – it’s’s quiz of the year
50 questions, 10 categories, and endless domestic rows ahoy – it’s our look back on the year. Let’s get quizzical.
2010 in review: September
A ‘final’ cost on Anglo Irish Bank, scorn for Conor Lenihan, and questions over Brian Cowen’s Morning Ireland performance.
2010 in review: August
Authorities approve a mosque near Ground Zero, a Chilean mine collapses, and a Coventry woman puts a cat in a wheelie bin.
2010 in review: July
Ivor Callely and Martin Sludden compete to become Ireland’s biggest public enemy, while eight are killed in a Donegal car crash.
Slideshow: Ten pivotal moments in the year of politics
Leadership coups that worked (and those which didn’t); politicians who resigned (and those who should have); diplomatic gambles that worked (and those that failed): 2010 had it all.