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# Rick Perry
The man who forgot the US Energy Department existed will be the head of it
Trump’s choice has close ties to the Texas oil industry and has corporate roles in two petroleum companies.
How Trump or Clinton can win tonight: Force their rival to make a mistake they can't recover from
US politics is littered with candidates making fatal mistakes in presidential debates, writes Lorcan Nyhan.
# trumped
Trump under fire as only female candidate takes centre stage in Republican debate
Last night’s debate saw the Republican frontrunner coming under fire from the other candidates.
# open carry
"Gun-free zones are a bad idea" : After cinema shooting, Rick Perry wants guns in cinemas
The presidential candidate is a consistent advocate of gun rights.
# Oops
US presidential hopeful calls Charleston massacre an accident
The Republican governor said drugs, and not gun control, may be the real issue here.
# gun control
Obama unveils sweeping proposals to help curb gun violence
President Obama demanded an assault weapons ban and universal background checks for gun buyers.
# Lone Star
Texas petition to leave the United States gets 60,000 signatures
Texas is the only state of the union that can secede voluntarily, some supporters of independence believe.
# Tornadoes
In pictures: Texans assess tornado damage after spate of storms
The National Weather Service says that up to a dozen tornadoes may have struck the Dallas-Fort Worth area yesterday.
# US 2012
Explainer: What happens now in the US Republican primaries?
So we’ve been through Iowa and New Hampshire, with three dropouts. So what’s next on the road to the Road to the White House?
# US 2012
Rick Perry drops out of presidential race ahead of Carolina primary
The Texas governor is the latest to drop out of the race for the White House, giving his backing to Newt Gingrich.
# Santorum Surge
US 2012: Did Rick Santorum actually beat Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucus?
The pair were separated by just eight votes after an initial count earlier this month.
# US 2012
Jon Huntsman backs Romney for Republican nod after suspending campaign
The former diplomat blames in-party mudslinging as he backs Romney – less than a week after calling him “unelectable”.
# US 2012
First votes of New Hampshire primary see Romney under pressure
Voters are heading to the polls in the first presidential primary of the campaign to win the Republican nomination.
# US 2012
Romney wins Iowa (just), what now in race to be the Republican nominee?
Neck-and-neck with Rick Santorum in Iowa, what now for the former governor of Massachusetts and the other candidates hoping to face Barack Obama in the autumn?
# US 2012
5 things you should know about the Republicans running for US president
Our quick-and-easy guide to the six men and one woman hoping to be the candidate to face Barack Obama in the autumn…
# US Election
Republican candidate Newt Gingrich misses out on Super Tuesday ballot in own state
Gingrich failed to qualify for his state’s Super Tuesday primary ballot.
# Haters Gonna Hate
Tebow Time: 6 great Tim Tebow stories you may have missed today
Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Tebow-related weirdness to go around.
# Wanna bet?
Watch: US presidential hopeful Romney offers rival $10,000 bet
Mitt Romney was challenged by Texan evangelist Rick Perry during last night’s Republican debate – and responded with a big-money offer…
# Ad fail
US presidential hopeful Perry's latest ad causes split in his own campaign
In the campaign spot, Perry attacks Barack Obama’s repealing of a law outlawing open homosexuality in the military but it hasn’t gone down well even in his own campaign.
# Human Rights
US could make gay rights a condition of foreign aid
“Gay rights are human rights,” says Hillary Clinton, announcing that the US will use diplomatic tools to promote LGBT rights.
# Emotional Times
I've just got something in my eye: GOP contenders get teary-eyed at debate
It was emotional times as half of the candidates looking to be the next US president shed tears at a debate held over the weekend…
# Rick Perry
If you can't laugh at yourself... Perry goes on Letterman after debate gaffe
He couldn’t remember his policies but he could remember all ten of these funny excuses…
# Oh dear
Watch: Rick Perry forgets which agencies he wants to abolish in debate gaffe
The governor of Texas is facing a campaign meltdown after one of the most humiliating gaffes in US presidential election debate history.
# Vegas showdown
Romney and Perry clash in fiercest Republican presidential debate so far
There were fiery exchanges over big conservative issues like immigration and one candidate’s tax overhaul plan.
# Rick Perry
US presidential hopeful Perry under fire for offensively-named family ranch
A hunting camp leased by Rick Perry’s family used to go by the name N*****head.
# chris christie
GOP favourite Chris Christie said to be considering presidential run
The popular New Jersey governor faces increasing calls to enter the race although he has previously been categorical in his stance that he won’t be running.
# Hustler
Porn publisher offers $1m for dirt on White House candidate
Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler, will pay $1m to anyone who can prove an illicit sexual encounter with Texas governor Rick Perry.
# Texas
Texas execution halted, questions about role of race in sentencing
The execution of a man in Texas has been halted after his legal team produced the testimony of a psychologist from the original trial – in which it was said that black people were “more likely” to commit violence.
# Republicans
Watch: The key moments as Republican presidential hopefuls debate in Florida
The latest frontrunner, Texas governor Rick Perry, came under attack from rivals wary of his healthy poll numbers.
# US election 2012
Conservative pundit accused of racism over Obama-Perry picture
David Limbaugh, author of a book savaging Barack Obama’s record, tweets a photograph apparently attacking his lack of military service.
# US election 2012
Perry accused of murder threats against US Federal Reserve chair
US presidential candidate Rick Perry reckons that if Ben Bernanke goes for another round of quantitative easing, it would be treasonous.
# Tea Party
Michele Bachmann: The Tea Party is good for America
The US presidential candidate said the right-wing group are “the best antidote” to Obama’s policies – but her lighting setup sparked controversy.
# election 2012
Tea Party favourite Bachmann wins Election 2012 test vote in Iowa
Michele Bachman has taken the top spot in the Iowa popularity contest, with Ron Paul in second place. Meanwhile Texas Governor Rick Perry has declared his intention to run.
# election 2012
New US Republican presidential hopeful used to be on Al Gore's team
Rick Perry has previously campaigned for Democrat Al Gore, but is now the ‘rightwing’ governor of Texas. He’s thought to be an ideal Tea Party candidate.