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# AI
Meet Stevie II - Ireland's first AI robot designed to help care for older people
The technology behind the new robot has been tested with Irish seniors, and was unveiled to the media today.
# lucina
RTÉ received 31 complaints about a mannequin giving birth on the Late Late Show
The simulator is used by RCSI medical students to prepare them for the real-life labour ward.
# Your Say
Poll: Are you worried a robot could take your job?
The Taoiseach has said “almost anyone in employment at all levels” could be affected.
# shambot
'State-of-the-art' Russian robot unveiled as man in robot costume
The ‘robot’ was shown dancing and singing on Russia’s main TV news channel.
# science week
Robots like Stevie could allow the elderly to live in their own homes for longer
A team of researchers at Trinity have been given funding by Enterprise Ireland to develop a robot to assist with the elderly.
# sophia's choice
Artificial intelligence is good for the Sophia the robot
The robot insisted that “we will never replace people, but we can be your friends and helpers.”
# perturbed
Reasons behind Ronnie O'Sullivan's 'robot' interview revealed
The snooker legend has suggested he will no longer give frank or in-depth interviews to the media.
# softly does it
This tiny robot octopus is powered by its own gas
The robot is the first of its kind and could lead to future soft robots that could perform tasks traditional robots can’t access.
# bring the pain
Robots are now being taught how to feel pain
“Why? Why was I programmed to feel pain?”
# micro machine
You can swallow this origami robot and it will help patch you up
The tiny robot can patch wounds, retrieve foreign objects or deliver medicine inside the stomach.
# scarlett for ya
This expensive robot is modelled on a real-life movie star
Whether you think it looks like her is another story entirely.
# transformer
This mini-Segway can turn into a robot helper when you're not using it
Part transport device, part robot helper.
# Disney
Disney designed a robot car that can climb walls by itself
VertiGo uses two propellers to lift itself up and create traction, allowing it to drive on walls.
# special delivery
Would you want this small robot to deliver Tayto and Lucozade to you?
The makers say the autonomous robot will carry out local deliveries and do so in the space of 5 – 30 minutes.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch this tiny insect robot fly and swim in water
It’s the size of a paperclip.
# they see me strollin
WATCH: A terrifying humanoid robot strolling through the woods
We now have fewer places to hide.
# terminated
Robot goes to the shopping centre, gets beaten up by kids
Poor robot.
# surface tension
This tiny robot can jump from water without making a splash
It’s able to exert force of up to 16 times its own body weight without breaking the water.
# Going Solo
This robot was built to do one thing... hitch-hiking
Independent robot that don’t need no man.
# brickies
This robot can build a house in just two days
It could make bricklayers a thing of the past.
# emotion
This 'emotional' robot sold out within the space of a minute
The first 1,000 units of Pepper sold out in its native Japan and more are being planned.
# beast of burden
This tiny robot can drag objects thousands of times its own weight
Tiny, tiny robots. Tiny!
# robot attack
Woman in South Korea attacked by robot vacuum cleaner that ate her hair
The little robot thought it was doing its job and the woman escaped serious injury.
# sleep tight
Philae probe has fallen asleep after its batteries ran out
The robot probe managed to transfer all of the data it collected to its mother ship before it took its eternal nap.
# news wrap
Today's top stories in 6 seconds
Don’t have time to mull over the news? Here’s everything you need to know.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Smartphone lanes, cat music remixes and robot snake arms
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# Flexibility
Researchers develop robot arm that can move like a snake
The soft robot arm is made out of rubber and is designed to move in confined spaces.
# jibo
This robot is designed to become part of your family's day-to-day life
It does have a creepy stare, though.
These jellyfish-killing robots could save the fishing industry billions per year
It’s a system called JEROS, or “jellyfish elimination robotic swarm”.
# sweet spot
Stuck trying to find a parking space? This robot will park your car for you
If you happen to be in Düsseldorf airport, that is.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Emotional robots, attractive video chats and online dating for the elderly
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# Emotional Intelligence
Meet the 'human-like' robot that can understand people's emotions
Pepper, a robot that can understand human emotions and learn from human interactions, will go on sale in Japan for €1,420.
# robo run
WATCH: The remote controlled robot that will outrun you
The OutRunner can reach speeds of up to 32km/h and can run on various terrain like gravel, grass and downhill without losing its balance.
# helpful
This charming robot helps older people stay in their own homes
Robin allows elderly people to connect with friends, family and medical professionals and can also watch for falls and monitor blood pressure.
# future president
Oh nothing, just Barack Obama playing soccer with a Japanese robot
The US President is currently on a four-day tour of Asia.
# repairs
Computer failure on International Space Station may require spacewalk to fix
However, the six-man crew is not currently in danger, officials have said.
# one for all
Muskehounds, Ulysses and Captain Planet... Republic of Telly's epic cartoon battle
Gonna take pollution down to zero…
# better stronger faster
Switzerland will be hosting the first ever bionic Olympics in 2016
Put it down on your calendar.
# robot friend
An ageing population is going to need a population of robots, engineers say
How would you feel about a robot looking after you?
Here's the life-changing robot designed for Joanne O'Riordan in action
The prototype was unveiled at Trinity College Dublin earlier this afternoon.