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11 struggles only people called Róisín will understand

A constant disappointment.
Mar 29th 2016, 12:07 PM 21,806 4

HAVING SUCH AN Irish name is tough.

1. You’ve given up ever trying to get your name on things

Probably the closes I'll ever find to my name

A photo posted by Róisín McGowan (@roisinmcgowan) on

2. It’s too tough for mere mortals to spell

Another Roisin fail... Source: irishstarbucksnames

Especially abroad.

A classic Roisin attempt here..☘ #roisin #irishgirl #irishstarbucksnames Source: irishstarbucksnames

Not even close at all #Roisin #irishstarbucksnames #paris

A post shared by Roisin Doyle (@romosexual_) on

3. Don’t even get us started on pronunciation


  • Rosh sheeeeen
  • Roy-sin
  • Raisin
  • Royson


tumblr_inline_mi32zuHWHh1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

4. Like, get it together

5. It’s actually a big deal when you find your name on something

6. Usually you just get this instead

They had all my siblings names (Conor, Tara and Ciara) but not mine! Surely I have the most common name out of all of us! #IrishNames #Jealous #Bitter #IWantOne Source: frances_ob

7. The special characters never work out

8. And Siri hasn’t a hope

BJhwEUQCAAAGLej Source: ArthiNachiappan

9. Spellcheck is also out to get you

10. Sometimes you just accept defeat

The fear when they ask for your name in Starbucks #irishnames #starbucks #CloseEnough

A post shared by roisinmachine0 (@roisinmachine0) on

Rosie, close enough.

11. Because even your family members aren’t sure how to spell it

But it’s not all bad, who else’s name has a sweeter meaning than Little Rose?

little-rose-4e2e2b88640ee_hires Source: Pxleyes


Keep rockin that name Róisín.

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