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A definitive ranking of Cadbury Roses, from worst to best

Dec 11th 2014, 1:45 PM 43,026 29

HERE, IN REVERSE order from worst to best, are the chocolates in the Roses tin. This ranking is correct, definitive, and incontrovertible.

10. Coffee Escape

Sick and wrong. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

9. Strawberry Dream

For a chocolate, strangely creepy.

8. Tangy Orange Creme

Better than the strawberry one, but still. Bang of your granny’s perfume off this one.

7. Regular Caramel

*zzzzzzzz* what? Is the Bond movie on yet?

6. Country Fudge

Reliable contender when the tin gets whittled down, but you wouldn’t be furious if your little brother took them all.

5. ‘Golden Barrel’ (everyone knows this is really called the Caramel Keg)

Gooey classic. Bonus: it’s always kind of fun to be eating a little barrel, like you’re a rampaging giant in some kind of fairytale chocolate warehouse.

4. Brazilian Darkness

Bringing that exotic, sophisticated feel to the tin, the Brazilian Darkness may well be your mam’s favourite. And she’s a sensible woman.

3. Hazel Whirl

You’d be pretty mad if someone had eaten all of these and left the wrappers in the tin. That’s all I’m saying.

2. Signature Truffle

A new arrival last year that shot instantly to the top of the ranking. Now THIS is how you introduce a chocolate.

1. Hazelnut in Caramel

A chocolate so delicious it has its own name: ‘The Purple One’. Like the Madonna of chocolates. Entire Christmases have been ruined by arguments over the purple one.

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