Dublin: 11 °C Saturday 24 October, 2020

#rte weather

The RTÉ weather presenters lip-synced for their lives on the Ray D'Arcy Show and... well

Gerry Murphy makes a good Bono. Who knew?

10 actual complaints RTÉ actually received about The Weather

Lots of interesting views here. Very interesting.

Was Jean Byrne paying tribute to Bowie on the Six One last night?

Everyone seems to think so.

The gremlins were still running riot in RTÉ yesterday evening

This time, Jean Byrne was the victim.

Confirmed! RTÉ weather say there's good drying out there

Well thank God for that.

Did you spot this weather blooper on RTÉ news?

Forecaster Siobhán Ryan handled it like the pro she is.

This one Evelyn Cusack moment perfectly sums up the Irish climate

RTE should just replace every weather forecast with this picture.