Dublin: 18 °C Sunday 4 June, 2023

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The RTÉ weather presenters lip-synced for their lives on the Ray D'Arcy Show and... well
Gerry Murphy makes a good Bono. Who knew?
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15 of the Most Iconic Moments in Irish Weather Forecasting
So much joy.
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10 actual complaints RTÉ actually received about The Weather
Lots of interesting views here. Very interesting.
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Evelyn Cusack proved she is a queen during this morto Six One weather feck up
Good woman Evelyn.
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Was Jean Byrne paying tribute to Bowie on the Six One last night?
Everyone seems to think so.
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8 times Evelyn Cusack was the master of shade
Evs <3
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The gremlins were still running riot in RTÉ yesterday evening
This time, Jean Byrne was the victim.
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RTÉ weather gave us all an unnecessary geography lesson
Ah would ya stop.
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5 reasons why Jean Byrne is Ireland's REAL favourite weather forecaster
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Confirmed! RTÉ weather say there's good drying out there
Well thank God for that.
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Did you spot this weather blooper on RTÉ news?
Forecaster Siobhán Ryan handled it like the pro she is.
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This one Evelyn Cusack moment perfectly sums up the Irish climate
RTE should just replace every weather forecast with this picture.