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Dear Fifi: I'm worried that my boyfriend enjoys taking drugs too much - what can I do?
To help answer, this is the second week that Dear Fifi called upon the experts at the Rutland Centre.
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Dear Fifi: We're all worried about our housemate's drinking - but what can we do?
To help answer, this week Dear Fifi called upon the experts at the Rutland Centre.
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'I went downhill very fast... but the thought of a drink has barely crossed my mind now for 37 years'
As the Rutland Centre turns 40, some of the first patients through its doors shared their experiences with
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'I have seen the increase in cocaine and alcohol addiction with the return of money. It's frightening'
The Rutland Centre is seeing shifts in the people it treats, and is emphasising how anyone can recover from addiction on its 40th anniversary.
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10,000 through the doors in 40 years... and the Rutland Centre wants to inspire others with their story
It comes as part of the addiction centre’s 40th birthday celebrations.
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'I'd a wife and two kids. Everything looked perfect to the outside world. It wasn't. I was addicted to cocaine'
A middle-class family brought to the brink by a father’s cocaine use speak about an addiction that cross all demographics.
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Dear Fifi: I snooped in my new beau's glove box... and I didn't like what I found
The first advice column from’s new resident agony aunt, Dear Fifi.
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Women next in line for serious gambling problems thanks to 'female-friendly gaming sites'
Multi-billion euro companies are now targeting women through marketing campaigns.
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"I used to have to call down to my mother's house when she wasn't in and rob food" - Battling gambling addiction
The Rutland Centre launched its Recovery Month today to raise awareness of addiction and recovery.
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Funding is needed 'before it's too late' - there's a surge in gambling addiction in Irish men (and women)
The numbers of people presenting with a gambling problem at Dublin’s Rutland Centre have trebled in just two years.
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Significant increase in numbers seeking treatment for sex addiction
The Rutland Centre says sexual addiction is accounting for a growing number of its total client base.