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Kildare v Fermanagh and All-Ireland SHC preliminary quarter-finals - GAA match tracker
It was a busy evening of both football and hurling action.
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Brendan O'Connor's last ever Saturday Night Show was certainly eventful
The host’s last show had some interesting moments.
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RTÉ did not know Aodhan Ó Ríordáin was wearing an equality pin
The Minister was said to only have put on the badge shortly before going on air.
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8 times Brendan O'Connor earned his RTÉ salary
Here are your best bits.
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Poll: Who will you watch, Ray or Tubridy?
Brendan O’Connor stint at the helm of RTÉ’s Saturday night chat show is coming to an end.
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Yep, Noel Gallagher was miming on RTÉ last night
Saturday Night Show viewers were left decidedly unimpressed by Gallagher’s performance.
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Kathryn Thomas was mortified in front of Noel Gallagher on the Saturday Night Show
Brendan O’Connor, you divil.
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Some people weren't too pleased with the antics on The Late Late Show
Some even made formal complaints.
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More tuned into Saturday Night Show than Late Late last weekend - but they're "not in competition"
RTÉ said the real winner was… itself.
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Brendan O'Connor tells heckler 'sit down you clown'
The Saturday Night Show was hi-jacked by a protester.
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'An investigation into IRA abuse allegations is needed to realise the scale of it'
Maíria Cahill spoke last night to RTÉ’s Saturday Night Show.
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The 'Jesus saves!' guy from Love/Hate rapped on the Saturday Night Show
His name is Tommy KD, and he’s penned an anti-drugs rap called Bag A Gear.
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Panti Bliss: "I'm going back on The Saturday Night Show"
Drag performer Panti (AKA Rory O’Neill) will be speaking about her new book, Woman In The Making.
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11 plus-size Irish models posed nude for a #stopbodyshaming campaign
“Everyone is on a journey, and it’s not OK to shame another.”
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Jim McGuinness on leaving Donegal, his Celtic role and what he was doing at the Ryder Cup
The former Donegal manager shared his thoughts on the Saturday Night Show.
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What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.
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Twink issued a direct warning to pet thieves on the Saturday Night Show
“Get your grubby hands out of my garden.”
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George Hook revealed waaay too much on the Saturday Night Show last night
His ankles, for one thing.
# Death Star
Princess Leia and Joan Burton are on the Saturday Night Show this week
These are not the droids you are looking for.
# Pantigate
Complaints about RTÉ's Panti apology have been rejected by the BAI
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland said that making an apology was an editorial decision and not one for them to decide upon.
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Idris Elba did a DJ set at a Dublin club last night
The Wire actor charmed the patrons of Buck Whaley’s with his finely-chosen choons.
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Shay Healy captured the nation's hearts on the Saturday Night Show
The musician spoke openly about his experience of Parkinson’s, and gave a moving performance.
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8 pieces of dating advice from last night's Saturday Night Show
Looking for love? HERE YA GO.
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Here's the Saturday Night Show's celebrity #nomakeupselfie
Fair play!
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RTÉ bosses say that fighting Pantigate action would have been 'foolhardy'
RTÉ’s top brass faced the Oireachtas Communications Committee today with defamation laws on the agenda.
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Margaretta D'Arcy appeared on the Saturday Night Show in her orange prison jumpsuit
Orange is the new black.
# Coppers
'There's 50,000 marriages in this country wouldn't have happened without Coppers'
Paul Howard talked about why he’s writing Coppers: The Musical.
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The 9 stages of Charlie Bird being special-cuddled by a seal
Ireland relived the moment last night.
# Pantigate
‘Where there is homophobia, it must be challenged’ – Dáil debates Pantigate
TDs from across the house questioned RTÉ’s handling of the affair, but Pat Rabbitte says he won’t interfere.
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RTÉ's head of television explains Iona payout decision to staff
Glen Killane said that the broadcaster has not “engaged in censorship, but has rather fallen foul of Ireland’s defamation laws”.
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Brendan O'Connor's Pussy Riot interview goes international
“Inane chatshow banter”. Ouch.
# Protest
Watch Panti's powerful speech about oppression of gay people
Rory O’Neill took to the Abbey stage last night to deliver oration on how homosexuality is still stigmatised in Ireland.
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Ireland pulled a collective cringe muscle watching Pussy Riot on the Saturday Night Show
We’ve collected their most fed up faces.
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RTÉ receive 847 complaints about Panti appearance and apology to Iona Institute
The majority of the emailed complaints have been received in the past three days.
Open Letter to RTE: Explain why you censored gay rights advocate Rory O'Neill
The term ‘homophobia’ refers to an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against gay people… So why it is not permissible to state that a group that actively campaigns against same-sex marriage is homophobic?
# Iona Institute
"No comment" from RTÉ on whether damages were paid over Saturday Night Show
An email from the Iona Institute to its mailing list today claims that damages are to be paid to “injured parties” by RTÉ.
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Here's that band everybody's talking about on The Saturday Night Show
The Gloaming performed on television last night.
# The Voice
Munster's Damien Varley sings Lean on Me for charity
The Ireland international hooker gave a surprisingly powerful performance on RTÉ over the weekend.
# Live Life
Donal Walsh’s message to teenagers: ‘Take time, a door will open’
The Kerry teen made a video to inspire struggling teens not to take their own lives before he passed away last May.
# message
Donal Walsh's anti-suicide video to be broadcast on Saturday Night Show
The inspirational teenager spoke out about suicides while he was battling cancer.