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# the best of ireland
Everyone was touched by this Roscommon woman's thoughts on Syrian refugees
“How could you say no?”
# it is an issue
This video of two newsreaders arguing about wearing the same colour is delicously awkward
“It is an issue, Julie.”
# Breath of fresh air
People were raving about the second episode of The Tommy Tiernan Show last night
No difficult second album syndrome here.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# accessorise accessorise
Remember the Irish comedy video 'Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise'? It's 10 years old today
So we spoke to the man behind it, Hugh Cooney.
# i clicked out of it
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch nails the frustration of teaching computers to your parents
“Let me just read all these terms and conditions.” Noooooo.
# only in the ilac
11 of the most Ilac Shopping Centre things to ever happen
The best.
# david is dead
Today marks the anniversary of the most hilarious Celebrity Big Brother moment ever
# unprompted
Bono whipped out a guitar for Obama in the White House and it’s peak Bono
“And now… Wonderwall!”
# snow is falling
Letterkenny has been blessed with snow this morning, the lucky sods
# it's the aesthetic
People are accusing Kim Kardashian of pretending to look poor in her new Instagram photos
What’s with the couch, Kim?
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# turn to the left
9 memories you'll have if you were a dedicated Off The Rails viewer
“Off The Rails, off the rails…”
# Talk to Joe
11 times Liveline was a window into the nation’s soul
Where would we be without it?
# shamone
Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson in a TV show, and everyone is suitably horrified
What fresh hell is this?
# world of celebs
Ed Sheeran has a song called 'Galway Girl' on his new album... it's the Dredge
Get your duuuurt here.
# daily digest
Here's what's going viral right now: Wednesday
It’s tea-break time.
# city of blinding lights
Obama walked out to a U2 song at his farewell address, and gave everyone all the feels
“In the city of blinding lights…”
# wee the peeple
15 people who took #GoldenShowersGate and ran with it
The new #PigGate.
# yoofs
RTÉ's David Murphy was videobombed by a bunch of lads on the Six One last night
Poor David.
# adorable
Wicklow WWE star Finn Bálor was so sound to a little boy who got starstruck around him
His BIGGEST fan.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# can't cope won't cope
Ruth Negga told Jimmy Kimmel that she 'can't cope' with Donald Trump last night
Same, Ruth. Same.
# poor paul
This corporate Twitter account's tribute to David Bowie backfired spectacularly
Oh dear.
This lad discovered his name doppelganger on Facebook, and decided to spend NYE with him
And they say you shouldn’t talk to strangers…
# One Two Three
Ed Sheeran is looking for céilí dancers to star in a video for his new trad song
*takes Irish dancing shoes down from attic*
# morto
Tom Hiddleston apologised for *that* embarrassing Golden Globes speech
“I just wanted to say… I completely agree that my speech at the Golden Globes last night was inelegantly expressed.”
# no lads
11 times fast food made an absolute hames of it
# Good Times
These two Dublin women reminiscing about their 60-year-old friendship is lovely
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# blurry ham
This photo of 'blurry ham' is the latest optical illusion to take over the internet
Why… is… it out of focus?
# sexy doughnut
This supermarket's response to a customer's 'sex doughnut' query is customer service at its finest
Well done everyone.
# Golden Globes
15 little moments you may have missed from last night's Golden Globes
*deep breath*
# i slay okay
Our own Ruth Negga absolutely slayed at last night's Golden Globes
Plus she earned an onstage shout out from Meryl Streep.
# mean streeps
Meryl Streep is winning praise for her takedown of Donald Trump at last night's Golden Globes
Donald Trump dismissed Streep as a “Hillary lover”.
# darling you're my headline
8 headlines that would never work in Ireland
They’ll never catch you.
# daily digest
Here's what's going viral today: Saturday
It’s tea-break time.
# Wikipedia
13 weird and wonderful things on Wikipedia
A neverending treasure trove.
# the black stuff
This American tourist's attempt at pouring the 'perfect pint' in the Guinness Storehouse is hilarious
It happens to the best of us.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.