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# see yiz in coppers

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# see yiz in coppers
The owners of Coppers are sitting on over €75 million in profits
Breanagh Catering Ltd last year recorded pre-tax profits of €4.095m – or just over €78,000 per week.
# see yiz in coppers
Leo Varadkar celebrated becoming Taoiseach by having a big party in Coppers
There was a “feed of sambos” at 3am, apparently.
# it makes cents
Charities really don't want to see one and two cent coins scrapped
There are €35 million of the coins lying around.
# see yiz in... andorra
That Coppers ski trip has almost SOLD OUT
Yes… this is happening
# see yiz in coppers
Listen to this Kildare lad's brilliant ode to Copper Face Jacks
“And every make of person, comes stumbling through the door/ You’ll find teachers, nurses, farmers, jersey pullers by the score…”
# see yiz in coppers
Copper Face Jacks made €15,000 profit for every single day last year
The company made €5.5million in profit before tax. OW.
# see yiz in coppers
9 people who took their All-Ireland final celebrations to the next level
You CAN have too much of a good thing.
# see yiz in coppers
So, Outkast went to Coppers
Shake it, shake shake it, shake it….
# see yiz in coppers
12 reasons why Coppers is such a bizarre national phenomenon
Coppers a feel, what?
# see yiz in coppers
Ross O'Carroll Kelly is making a musical about Copper Face Jacks
See yiz for the afters in Coppers on opening night, yeah?
# Coppers
The truth behind Bryan Cullen's famous 'see yiz in Coppers' quote
And how kids still shout it at the Dublin stalwart.
# carried a watermelon
Woman fails in 'Dirty Dancing' case against Copper Face Jacks
Nobody puts Coppers in the corner.
# see yiz in coppers
Er, were you in Coppers on 28 December? Did you meet an American girl?
She has something to tell you…