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11 people who showed epic levels of self control

Oct 9th 2015, 9:30 PM 11,697 4

EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people are heroes:

1. Like the person who had to look at this every day in work

tFt3p Source: Imgur

2. The person who had to resist touching these

labb Source: Imgur

3. Anyone who stood near this creation

selfcontrol Source: Imgur

4. The hero who didn’t just pull this plastic off

peeling Source: Imgur

5. The person who threw out this perfectly edible doughnut because they were on a diet

gpjjnNY Source: Imgur

Such epic levels of self control.

6. It’s just waiting for you

6tAUS4D Source: Imgur

Admittedly, that would be utter madness.

7. Seriously?

don'tpress Source: Colm Barrett

8. Who wrote this sign?

OTc4O6a Source: Imgur

9. Anyone who has waited for a pizza to slightly cool before horsing into it

Molten-Hot-Pizza-Cool Source: Popsugar-assets

Not burning your mouth is the sign of a true adult.

10. This sign almost makes it more likely someone will pull it all apart

runscompany Source: Imgur

11. When you put it like this

cancellatio Source: Imgur

Heroes all.

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