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11 thoughts everyone has while using a self-service checkout

Hell on earth.
Jul 1st 2014, 9:30 PM 46,258 84

1. This will be quicker. Will it be quicker? It will definitely be quicker

The eternal struggle between choosing the speedier option; the self service checkout or the real human cashier. You will always choose the wrong one.

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2. This is definitely not quicker

You made the wrong choice. Obviously.

waiting-in-a-queue-gif Source: Wordpress


3. Look how slowly she’s going. COULD YOU BE ANY MORE GLACIAL?

All of your attention and rage becomes focused on this person dragging things across the scanner in slow motion, and that person painstakingly placing items in shopping bags.

daria-mtv-foot-tapping-waiting-impatient Source: Gurl

4. The bar code is right there. It’s RIGHT THERE. Look!

It’s taking all your self control not to grab the bag of rocket out of their hands and scan it yourself.

frust8 Source: Whatculture

5. No, no. Take your time getting out your wallet and fiddling with change. I have all day

The notes go in there. IN THERE!

tumblr_m6rrifwdRw1qer6i8o1_500 Source: Blastmedia

6. Oh Jesus Christ no it’s my turn

Maybe if I just back away slowly and abandon my basket…



Damn you rocket!

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nn00nal Source: Thejournal

9. Everyone hates me

And I don’t blame them.

so sorry Source: BlogSpot

10. Where’s my wallet?

So much sweating. Is your card even in there? What’s your PIN?

that-awkward-moment-when-you-are-about-to-pay-something-and-cant-find-where-you-put-your-money_613 Source: Mbtcdn

11. I can’t pack these things fast enough. I’ll just leave them behind. It’s not worth it

Goodbye cruel world.

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