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This year
Italian prime minister announces separation from partner after sexual comments at work
He was caught making overtly sexual and sexist comments to female colleagues off-air.
Last year
Opinion: Divorce can be stressful financially, but there are ways to make it easier
Financial expert David Quinn has some advice for couples facing separation or divorce.
All time
Cabinet to discuss divorce proposals amid fears Brexit could impact recognition of UK separations
New legislation will reduce the length of time couples must be separated before divorcing.
US judge orders separated families must be reunited
The judge also issued an injunction against any more family separations.
'Wah wah': Ex-Trump campaign boss mocks story of child with Down syndrome separated at border
Official data shows more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents or guardians since early May.
'Indefensible, immoral, shocking': Coveney on the separation of children at US borders
Official data shows more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents or guardians since early May.
UN rights chief hits out at 'unconscionable' separation of families at US border
He called for Washington to immediately end the practice of “forcible separation of these children”.
Melania Trump and Laura Bush hit out at separating of families at US border
For both, it was an unusual entry into a fierce political debate.
Poll: How long should couples have to live apart before being granted a divorce?
Recently published data shows that Carlow, Dublin and Tipperary have the highest divorce rates in Ireland.
A nasty divorce or separation harms a child's health for decades
A study shows that adults whose parents separated during childhood are at an increased risk for poorer health.
Man files for separation after 12 years of marriage to woman who raped him when he was 12
They began an affair when he was 12 and she was 34, they have two children together.
Poll: Should the wait time for a divorce be cut to two years?
The Dáil is likely to debate legislation on the issue when it is back in session in the autumn.
'It's like a death': Divorced people are at higher risk of psychiatric illness in Ireland
Although divorced people accounted for only 4% of all psychiatric admissions, they had the highest rate compared to married or single people.
This drama is shedding light on a big challenge Irish unmarried parents face
The storyline concerns two young parents who break up and have to deal with the fallout.
Relationship breakdowns: 11 tips on helping your children cope
Relationships end and marriages fail, but the collateral damage can be controlled, Karl Melvin writes.
Opinion: Irish family life has changed dramatically in just one generation
Domestic life is more diverse than ever – but strong relationships, love and support within families are more important than their structure.
Google stops forcing new Gmail users to sign up to Google+
Those signing up to Gmail will now have the option as to whether they want to set up a Google+ account or not.
Confused about separation or divorce? New videos aim to offer simple advice
The videos, by the Ombudsman for Children and the Courts Service, offer advice on the workings of a family law court and the process of a separation.
Column: Separation and divorce is hard for everyone – especially at Christmas
If you’re anxious about how Christmas is going to work out now that your family unit is changing, try to step back and prioritise, says Bernadette Ryan.
Aaron McKenna: Marriage is nothing more than a contract – bring on the prenups
There should be no reason that society prevents people from entering into an agreement that allows them to protect their respective assets, writes Aaron McKenna.
The oldest brides and grooms can be found in south Dublin and Waterford
The latest CSO statistics show that marriage and divorce rates have fallen, while bride and grooms are getting older.
1978: Ireland "laughing stock of progressive world" over divorce and contraceptives
As debates raged on divorce and separation, one Irish man wrote to the Taoiseach Jack Lynch from Australia to tell him what people thought of the country.
Column: 8 ways to stay civil with your ex-partner
It can be a tough time of year if you are newly separated, but it is important to put your children first, while also taking time for yourself, writes Sheila O’Malley.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reach divorce settlement
The couple will take account of their “respective beliefs” in bringing up their daughter Suri.
Photos: Katie Holmes files for sole custody in divorce from Tom Cruise
The 33-year-old unexpectedly announced yesterday that she has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.
Paradis Lost? Who gets the island in the Johnny Depp split?
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis announced this week that they’re to separate. Will there be a row over their private Caribbean island?
New service aims to help children bond with separated parents
Three new pilot Child Contact Centres will offer a safe place for children to spend time with parents they do not live with.
Sinead O'Connor's fourth marriage ends after just 16 days
And we thought Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage was short-lived.
Facebook discovers we are all separated by 4.74 and not six degrees
The popular theory that six people separate everyone on earth appears to have been debunked by the social network. We’re actually much closer…
UN calls for an end to solitary confinement as punishment
The UN’s lead investigator on torture has called using solitary confinement as a punishment “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” – which can amount to “torture”.
Drugs are up, divorce is down - the Irish courts in numbers
The Courts Service report for 2010 reveals that there has been an increase in drugs offences at the Circuit Criminal Court, an increase in child custody and access applications, and a decrease in separation and divorce.
Loss of libido a growing issue for Irish men
Major Irish counselling service estimates sexual problems are issue for one-third of couples who seek advice.