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Guantanamo judge rejects torture-derived confession from Al-Qaeda bombing suspect
It has the potential to set a new hurdle for September 11 prosecutions.
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Newly released FBI memo hints at Saudi involvement with 9/11 hijackers
Three successive US administrations have refused to declassify and release documents related to the case.
Here's how the US is marking 20 years since the September 11 attacks
The US and other countries, including Ireland, are remembering the victims of 9/11 on its 20th anniversary.
Ground zero rebuilding in New York still unfinished, 20 years later
Two planned skyscrapers, a performing arts centre and a church are still unfinished at the site.
Biden to mark 20th anniversary of 9/11 at three memorial sites
Next Saturday’s anniversary falls less than two weeks after the end of the nearly two decade-long US war in Afghanistan.
Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld dies aged 88
Rumsfeld led the US into war in Afghanistan and Iraq during the presidency of George W Bush.
US pays tribute to 9/11 victims as pandemic forces socially distanced commemorations
President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will pay their respects at the same memorial today.
Trump vows to hit Taliban 'harder' than ever on 9/11 anniversary
It has been 18 years since Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four US commercial airliners.
Trial date set for alleged mastermind of 9/11 terror attacks
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others in Guantanamo Bay prison camp will go on trial in January 2021.
US Congresswoman says she's received more death threats since Trump tweeted 9/11 video
The video on Trump’s Twitter feed has been viewed more than nine million times.
New York City attacker charged with terrorism offences
Eight people were killed in New York’s worst attack since 11 September 2001.
9/11 victim's remains identified nearly 16 years later
Remains of 40% of the people who died in the attacks have yet to be identified.
Fifteen years on, the flag raised over Ground Zero has found its way home
After plucking the flag from a nearby boat, three firefighters hoisted it amid the ashen destruction.
The accused '9/11 Five' remain in Guantanamo and probably won't ever get a real trial
Attempts to put them on trial in New York for the terrorist attacks backfired.
9/11 victim identified nearly 14 years on from attack
Matthew David Yarnell was aged 26 when he died.
Opinion: The Irish handprints on the world's most symbolic site – One World Trade Centre
Many Irish and Kerry men spent more than five years working at the resurrected World Trade Centre site.
"I shot him two times in the forehead" - Two Navy Seals row over who killed Bin Laden
Robert O’Neill is the latest former Seal to claim he shot the Al-Qaeda leader.
Obama: US "tortured some folks" after 9/11, but critics should not be "too sanctimonious"
President Obama said “a lot of those folks were working hard and under enormous pressure, and are real patriots”.
FBI "may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals", says rights report
HRW and Columbia Law School report says US law enforcement effectively participated in developing terrorism plots for prosecution.
Pics: Have a glimpse inside the new September 11 Memorial Museum
Barack and Michelle Obama visited the $700 million museum today ahead of next week’s opening.
Unidentified 9/11 remains returned to Ground Zero
Families of those who died on the day criticised the move.
9/11 conspiracy theorist arrested after interrupting Super Bowl conference
The intruder grabbed the microphone from MVP Malcom Smith.
Ex-New York police officers charged in 9/11 disability scam
More than 100 people were arrested, including 72 city police officers.
In Pictures: US marks 9/11 anniversary
A number of memorials took place today to mark the twelfth anniversary of the attacks that struck America on 11 September 2001.
This 9/11 'special offer' almost closed down a golf club
The owner said he received death threats over the offer of nine holes for $9.11.
12 years on: America remembers a day of terror
See: the newspapers from 12 September 2001.
In pics: Final piece of spire added to One World Trade Centre
Its total height is now 541 metres, or 1,776 feet – a symbolic height chosen to echo the year 1776, when America declared independence from Britain.
NYPD confirms piece of wreckage comes from hijacked 9/11 plane
The twisted piece of wreckage, believed to be part of a wing flap, was discovered in a narrow space between two buildings.
Authorities resume search for human remains in New York's 9/11 debris
Eleven years after the 2001 attacks, about 60 truckloads of debris are again being searched for the remains of missing victims.
Poll: Do you think flight restrictions should be relaxed?
From next month, pocket knives with blades of up to six centimetres are to be allowed on flights in the US.
Guantanamo judge orders US to stop censoring 9/11 hearings
Judge James Pohl says the government cannot remotely censor pre-trial hearings for the suspects of the 9/11 attacks.
Minister speaks of 'very moving' memorial on 9/11 anniversary
Junior minister Joe Costello was given a guided tour of the 9/11 memorial in New York on the 11th anniversary of the attacks.
Barack Obama message, signature hoisted to top of One World Trade Center
In photos: steel beam signed by the Obamas and police and construction workers at the WTC site has been lifted onto the 104th floor of the new skyscraper.
Column: Here's Irish pride - my family are rebuilding the World Trade Center
Kerry O’Shea describes the experience of her father and brother, working dozens of storeys up on the new towers.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appears on 2,976 murder charges over 9/11
Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators appeared in public for the first time in more than three years today.
9/11 suspects set for Guantanamo trial
Five men are accused of orchestrating the attacks which killed almost 3,000 people on 11 September, 2001.
World Trade Center is now New York's tallest building again
The new tower is reclaiming the title held by its predecessors destroyed on 9/11 – check out this time-lapse video of its eight-year construction…
Accused 9/11 mastermind to face trial over attacks
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could face the death penalty along with four others if convicted.
In numbers: the September 11 terrorist attacks
2996 people died in the attacks on September 11, 2001. Here, in numbers, is the story of the actions that took place that day.