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# Sex

This year
Eoghan Cleary: The new sex ed curriculum is being misrepresented by a small but loud group
The teacher challenges certain beliefs about the new sex education curriculum and outlines why they are inaccurate. 
3 Real Madrid reserve players arrested over video with minor
Online newspaper El Confidencial broke the story citing sources from the investigation.
Last year
Opinion: Consent matters whether you've just met or you've been together for years
Dr Caroline West says we know about ‘red flags’ in relation to consent, but it’s worth thinking about ‘green flags’, the signs that work.
All time
'Sex workers are seen as either criminal or victim, but we're just people trying to survive'
Kate McGrew on how the Covid-19 pandemic, legislation and stigma are making life more difficult for sex workers in Ireland.
Young people who talk to parents about relationships 'significantly more likely' to use contraception during sex
The findings are included in a report published today by the HSE and ESRI.
Quiz: How much do you know about popes?
Test your knowledge.
Pleasures of food and sex are 'simply divine', Pope Francis says
“The Church has condemned inhuman, brutish, vulgar pleasure, but has on the other hand always accepted human, simple, moral pleasure,” he added.
Before Normal People: A brief history of Irish TV sex controversies
Introducing The Tube: We’ll be taking a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Ireland’s TV past every Wednesday evening.
Why the conversation around Normal People's sex scenes shows how Ireland has changed
The issue of consent is to the forefront – and the complaints are at a minimum.
'The tobacco industry targeting e-cigarettes at young people is cynical, sickening and dangerous'
A survey of over 15,500 schoolchildren in Ireland explored their relationship with alcohol, smoking, sex, food and exercise.
'GHB is a killer, I know of eight men who died after taking it'
Concerns have also been raised about people being sexually assaulted while taking drugs such as GHB.
'I wasn’t brought up with any education in this area... Sex was rarely discussed'
In an extract from his award-winning book ‘Recovering,’ Richie Sadlier discusses the culture that existed among footballers as he was coming through the ranks.
Scientists develop monthly contraceptive pill, but it's only been tested on pigs so far
The pill sits in the stomach and dissolves slowly, releasing the hormones required to prevent pregnancy.
'Young people learn about sex through porn, many have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like'
Parents and teachers need to be better equipped to talk to young people about sex and relationships, Noeline Blackwell has said.
Nine in 10 gay and bisexual men living with HIV are on treatment and cannot transmit the virus
Men living in Ireland are more likely to take drugs than their European counterparts, according to a new survey.
FactFind: '1ml is euphoric, 2ml and you go under': Number of G overdoses increases by 75%
People can buy a hit of the highly addictive drug for as little as €1.
'Girls are forced to have sex in exchange for sanitary pads or 50 cents'
Young female activists are working to improve people’s lives in the largest urban slum in Africa, Kibera.
PrEP programme to reduce HIV rates to be rolled out later this year
Rapid testing will be rolled out in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.
Hundreds of couples livestreamed having sex in South Korea without their consent
The footage was streamed 24 hours a day to a subscription website with about 4,000 members.
Penetration, painful sex and panic: When sexual discomfort requires a doctor's appointment
We chatted with Dr McQuade of Dublin’s Well Woman Centre.
No convictions secured against sex buyers since new laws introduced
Websites advertising sex remain operational.
Opinion: Let's talk about sex and pornography - like adults do
Now is the time for a mature and sensible discussion about sex and porn. We really need mandatory modern sex education introduced in schools too, writes Caroline West.
First-born children more likely than younger siblings to learn about sex from parents
The order in which children are born may play a significant role in how they learn about sex, especially for boys.
How much did our Grannies know about 'the birds and the bees'?
We’ve come a long way after years of secrecy and shame.
Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?
The mo’ Fifi, the mo’ problems. Or something. Look, it’s hard coming up with a new subhead every single week.
Coming soon? Here's what our sex lives will look like in the future (with robots and personalised toys)
Technology is changing the way we experience sex. Here’s what it may look like in years to come.
Why men say they've had more lifetime sexual partners than women
Men in a new survey reported an average of 14 partners over their lifetime while women reported seven.
Too much sex puts tiny marsupials on endangered list
Males go from “prime health … to falling to pieces” within the short mating period.
Researchers uncover 'dirty jokes' in Anne Frank's diary
Brown paper had been used to cover pages in her first diary.
Sex, concentration and goals key to World Cup glory, Brazil legend tells Jesus
Romario says that’s how he helped the country clinch the 1994 World Cup.
'The only thing I remember about sex education was STIs': Young people have their say on sex education
Recent survey results from Youth Work Ireland have shown how recent events like the #MeToo movement have changed the conversation around sex.
Stormy Daniels unveils sketch of man she says threatened her to stay quiet about Trump
Daniels says she was threatened by the man in 2011 to keep quiet about a 2006 tryst with Trump.
'Religious groups shouldn't be involved in sex education'
Proposed legislation seeks to remove religious ethos from sex education in schools.
New video emerges online showing 'garda' having sex with woman on motorway
Gardaí said they would not be commenting.
Serbs perturbed by dwindling numbers of babies being born in Balkan nation
In 2016, 100,834 people died while just 64,734 were born.
Column: 'Sex resolutions for 2018 to advocate for your own sexual pleasure and health'
Every one of us needs to have a think about how we can make Ireland a more sexually awesome place for ourselves, and each other, writes Shawna Scott.
Better sex education and conversations with parents: Why the teen pregnancy rate keeps falling
The number of teenage pregnancies in Ireland has fallen by 64% in 15 years.
People are more interested in sex around Christmas (according to their web searches)
The analysis shows that people are in a better mood around the holidays.
Student sex survey: 8% of women have had non-consensual sexual contact in the last year
The study also focused on the role alcohol plays in young people’s sex lives.
India bans condom advertisements from prime time television
An order issued Monday cited broadcasting regulations that prohibit vulgar or suggestive themes.