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A Definitive List Of The 10 Sexiest Irish Accents

Is your county one of the Chosen Ones?
Jun 21st 2016, 9:30 PM 19,229 11

BEFORE WE BEGIN, let us remind you: These are the sexiest Irish accents. Not the nicest, not the best, the sexiest. Bear that in mind as you proceed.

1. Monaghan

25/1/2011 Jameson International Film Festivals Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Monaghan folk will whisper away at you in that soft, faintly Nordie accnt and you won’t even realise you’re falling in love. Think Charlene McKenna from RAW.

2. North Dublin

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala - New York Source: AP/Press Association Images

There’s a rugged sex appeal there that just isn’t present in the accent of their Southside counterparts. They’ll buy you a spicebag and you’ll be theirs forever more.

3. Galway

12/02/2011. IFTA's. Grainne Seoige pictured at the Source: Sasko Lazarov/

The Galway accent is very easy on the ear, and they know it all too well. Galwegians will tell you you’re ‘only mighty’ and you’ll absolutely melt.

4. Derry

British LGBT Awards - London Source: Ian West/PA Wire

See Nadine Coyle there, making “What date of birth did I give?” sound like a beautiful song.

5. Sligo

.  Shane Filan at the the Ch Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Soft and lilting for the most part, but that gregarious approach to ‘s’ words? Enchanting. The shnow was shlippin’ from the shlates in Shligo, indeed.

6. Antrim

Spain Liam Neeson Source: AP/Press Association Images

There’s a reason why we get Liam Neeson to narrate everything. Just think about that.

7. Roscommon

2014 Sundance Film Festival - Calvary Source: AP/Press Association Images

A bit goofy, but extremely charming. Roscommon people could sell ice to the Eskimos and they wouldn’t even mind.

8. Donegal

Jim McGuinness Source: Morgan Treacy/INPHO

The Donegal accent isn’t welcome when it pops up on the Irish aural test, but every other time? C’mere to me.

9. Clare

State Visit to the Peoples Republic of China Source: Shane O'Neill/

There’s a hint of divilment to the Clare accent that’s just irresistible. You’ll be listening to them tell a story one minute, then married to them the next.

10. Mayo

26/1/2012. Launch of Dublin City Of Science Source: Sam Boal/

Soft and lovely. They’ll have convinced you that climbing Croagh Patrick is a doddle by the time they’re finished with you.

And the three least sexy accents…


WE’RE NOT SAYING IT’S BAD. We’re just saying it’s not particularly alluring.


Michael Fassbender gets a pass, but the rest of the county? Nope.


Specifically Drogheda (or ‘Drawwda’). Sorry lads.

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