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A Definitive List Of The 10 Sexiest Irish Men's Names

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Mar 24th 2016, 1:45 PM 24,475 5

1. Tadhg

ATWEGj1458823551 Source: Flickr

Tadhg is as ruggedly handsome as the West of Ireland’s landscape and *might* be a descendant of a former High King of Ireland. Some good stock there.

2. Domhnall


Domhnall is the sound lad who gives you a lighter in the smoking area, no questions asked, and then turns out to be super funny and chilled out. Plus, with Domhnall Gleeson’s success over the last year, it’s on the ascendancy. There’s never been a better time to be (with) a Domhnall.

3. Cillian

xywvg51458824098 Source: Flickr

Cillian is proficient at the bodhrán and played hurling for his county as a minor, but doesn’t like to brag about it. He probably has his pension sorted and all. A catch.

4. Fionn


Fionn has a little twinkle in his eye and could probably charm his way out of anything. He’s a divil, but you love him anyway.

5. Cathal


Cathal would have been a revolutionary back in the day. Strong, salt-of-the-earth and takes no guff at all.

6. Conor

fEZlPx1458825478 Source: Flickr

You can always rely on Conor. He’ll never let you down and he’ll always take a look at the cistern tank for you if the toilet is acting up. Plus one of the most famous men in the world right now is named Conor and that surely counts for something.

7. Ruairí

YRjLHw1458825601 Source: Flickr

Ruairí is artistic and sensitive. He likes The Gloaming, pints and is always very well prepared when he goes for walks in the Wicklow Mountains. What a lad.

8. Donnacha

vNoIuH1458824356 Source: Flickr

Donnacha likes the outdoors and would almost certainly put up your tent for you at Electric Picnic. What a dreamboat.

9. Eoin


“My name is Eoin… E-O-I-N.”

“Wow, that selection of letters makes little sense, but for some reason it’s… sexy. Tell me more about yourself, Eoin.”

10. Aidan

iwP5JW1458826621 Source: Flickr

Aidan is a noted ridey name. See: Aidan Quinn and Aidan from Sex and the City.

Enough said.

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