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Incredible photo captures huge shark approaching swimmer off Kerry beach

Too close for comfort…
May 2nd 2014, 11:22 AM 60,385 92

SURFER STEPHEN LYNOTT was on the south Kerry coast yesterday when he took this incredible photo.

On the right is a surfer. On the left is the fin of a basking shark approaching him.

Source: Stephen Lynott

There were three or four of the huge sharks in the area, Lynott said.

He added that the surfer paddled out for a closer look and estimated that one was 16-18 feet (4-5 metres) long – about the length of a Transit van.

Basking sharks are very large, typically growing to 6-8 metres in length as adults. However, they are not typically dangerous to humans as they feed on plankton.

Here’s a photo of one in action:

Source: Wikipedia

Thanks Stephen Lynott!

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