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Andy Murray 'in the bad books at home' after wedding ring stolen along with tennis shoes
The British star explained he left his tennis shoes outside and were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.
'We got 300 calls today': High demand for children's shoes after they're reclassified as essential
One store has booked in 240 appointments already.
'Her shoes are falling apart': Parents call for clarity on buying children's shoes
Parents whose children wear splints, known as AFOs, have been having particular issues finding suitable shoes.
€2.5 million contract out for the manufacture and supply of shoes for An Garda Síochána
The Office of Government Procurement is also awarding a tender worth €3.3 million for footwear for the Defence Forces.
Judy Garland's stolen Wizard of Oz shoes found after 13 years
The shoes had been snatched from a glass case at the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota in 2005
Those retro Skechers from your childhood are making a weird comeback
What are thooooooose.
Balenciaga tried to make platform Crocs happen at Paris Fashion Week but no one is having it
Ireland's first sneaker label launches this week
King of Soles is the brainchild of Glenn Heaslip.
These Toy Story-inspired runners are every Pixar lover's dream
People are taking the piss out of these ridiculously expensive 'distressed' runners
Just a casual €522 for a pair.
Why do Irish men take so bloody long to put on their shoes?
“How many laces must a man tie before you can call him a man?”
9 Doc Martens memories that will ring true for all Irish girls
Breaking in Doc Martens = worse than childbirth.
17 truths all Irish girls know about going to weddings
Your poor, poor feet.
This town built a church shaped like a shoe to attract female worshippers
Someone’s been watching too much Sex and the City.
This gif will challenge everything you know about tying your shoelaces
Here's the story with those sparkly shoes on telephone wires around Dublin
No, it’s not just because someone’s feet were killing them.
What You Can Tell About An Irish Girl By Looking At Her Shoes
Should high heels be banned? A case for and against
Pretty or perilous? You decide.
Were women wearing flats turned away from the Cannes red carpet?
The festival’s organiser has dismissed the reports.
This fashion label has made the ultimate pisscatcher shoe
Burn them. Gather them up and burn them all.
'High heels for babies' are now a depressing reality and people are not happy at all
Their poor little footsies!
The King Nidge runners have been donated to charity... but they could be yours
Pieta House are now in possession of the coveted shoes, and are running a text-to-win competition.
There's a pretty moving display outside Leinster House today. Here's what it's about...
Campaigners from Women’s Aid have put dozens of shoes on display outside the Dáil today.
Opinion: Something is fundamentally wrong when your kid’s shoes cost more than your own
I’m half waiting for my children to be shoe-jacked in the playground.
Temple Bar's cobbled streets under threat as women wearing stilettos can't walk on them
The chairman of Fáilte Ireland said it is a practical problem that needs fixing.
Here are the 6 objects that scream 'Irish Budget'
Warning to governments: Children’s shoes should be avoided at all costs.
12 things men will never understand about wearing high heels
Shoes! Glorious shoes.
What you can tell about an Irish guy by looking at his shoes
It’s all in the footwear.
17 primary school uniform memories to bring you right back
Remember the joy of no uniform day?
Over €100k worth of cocaine was found in these shoes at Dublin Airport...
Two men and one woman who arrived on a flight from Panama have been arrested.
Patrick Kavanagh statue restored after vandals' dodgy paint job
The statue had its feet painted red last month – but it’s now back to normal.
Paddy's Day Aran jumper-themed Converse sell out in one day
Jumpers for your feet.
Designer creates self-healing, 3D-printed running shoes
The running shoes, which could become a reality by 2050, would react to pressure and provide extra cushioning if needed.
Designer creates self-healing, 3D-printed running shoes
The running shoes, which could become a reality by 2050, would react to pressure and provide extra cushioning if needed.
Chinese official sacked after photo of piggyback to protect his shoes caused uproar
The official was visiting flood victims in high-end shoes and a villager insisted on carrying him over a small pond.
Debunked: Does swallowed chewing gum stay in your stomach for seven years?
Or longer? Is that piece that you swallowed when you were six still there?
Lawyer fined €850 for wearing these blue runners in court
“I am scented, shaved and fresh,” Catalin Dancu told listeners at a courthouse in Romania.
The internet's ugliest shoes prompt amusing reviews
They are really quite something.
Some women last over an hour, others can only stand 10 mins
A third of women have worn shoes that did not fit because they looked nice, the survey found.
CPI: Price of alcohol, tobacco and education up, cost of shoes down
Consumer prices in April were up by 0.5 per cent when compared to the same month last year.