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Connacht's new behind-the-scenes doc is something rugby needs more of
The show focuses on three Connacht players during the 2021/22 season.
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# nowhere fast
Alison Spittle on sexism, friendship, and how the midlands made her funny
We talked to the comedian about her brand new TV show, which debuts tonight.
# amy shiels
'I suddenly thought: 'Oh my god, I'm in Twin Peaks!'
We talked to the Irish actress Amy Shiels about the experience.
# edwin sammon
'When I told people I had cancer, because I'm a comedian I had to say I wasn't joking'
We spoke to the comedian about his new show.
# Australia
Tributes pour in after creator of TV show Neighbours dies
He was 92.
# eipic
"We want a realness and rawness to it": Ireland's first post-watershed teen drama is here
We speak to its writer, former Misfits writer Mike O’Leary.
# garda down under
Garda left Ireland for Oz after being spat on, threatened and kicked at Dáil protest
Joe Connolly is now settled in Australia and stars in a new RTÉ documentary.
The Apprentice star found dead aged 27
Stuart Baggs made his name on the BBC show.
# Court
Rape survivor "shocked" at George Hook's comments on 'implied consent'
The broadcaster clarified his comments today.
# Aurira Borealis
Pics: Want to see the Northern Lights? Keep your eyes on the sky over the next few nights
This cloudy weather isn’t helping though!
# Same-Sex Marriage
This audience member's reaction was clear ... what did everyone else make of the Late Late debate?
Strong exchanges, personal experiences, and a diverse array of speakers made last night’s debate a must-watch affair.
# curls on film
People are LOVING Ireland's Aidan Turner in BBC drama Poldark
6.9 million of them tuned in to watch the first episode.
# Allegations
Fans gave Bill Cosby a standing ovation after a show last night
The comedian is facing more sexual assault allegations.
# on stage
What was your favourite live performance of 2014?
Music, theatre, and more.
# the box
What was your favourite TV series this year?
Tell us.
# in sync
Bruno Mars was joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the Superbowl halftime show
It was pretty great.
# fizzy orange
How many people watched Love/Hate last night?*
*Hint: A LOT.
# undisputed truth
Mike Tyson (yes, Mike Tyson) brings his one-man show to Dublin
The Spike Lee-directed show has already spent time on Broadway and Las Vegas.
# Broadcaster
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Pat Kenny on his new show
The veteran broadcaster will begin his new show on Newstalk next week.
# Irish-American dream
IRISH...THE MUSICAL: The best named show on Earth?
It’s an actual real American TV thing.
# Las Vegas
Cirque du Soleil performer plummets to death during Vegas show
The mother of two fell around 50 feet as she was being hoisted up towards the roof of the stage on a wire for a battle scene in the show.
# unmasked
Rubberbandits reveal themselves!
Rubberbandits, sans plastic bags.
Nick Leeson: Using puppets for Anglo musical is very apt indeed.
Former trader Nick Leeson can’t believe he wasn’t a shoo-in for Anglo: The Musical – but he’s pretty confident that puppets are the right choice to play inaminate objects who can’t take control of their own situation.
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'Randy aul wans', 'Oh sweet Jaysus'... the best of the Chippendales tweets
The Chippendales are in Dublin. Couldn’t you smell the fake tan wafting over the Liffey?
# Undercover
Paddy Power exec goes undercover on TV show
What happens when a Paddy Power board member goes undercover at the company?
# Breivik
Breivik trial interrupted by shoe-thrower
The brother of one of the victims of the Norway massacre hurled his shoe and told Breivik to “go to hell”.
# Julian Assange
Julian Assange's next move? Hosting his own TV show
The Wikileaks founder will film a 10-part TV show where he speaks to “key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from around the world”.
# Reality TV
Watch: This may be the worst first kiss you’ve ever seen in your life
One couple in a new reality tv show chose to wait until their wedding day for their first kiss – with somewhat unfortunate results.