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Last year
# national treasure
Michelangelo sketch sold at auction for €23 million
There are fewer than ten drawings by Michelangelo which exist in private hands.
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# Gerry Adams
Ó Broin says an apology from Gerry Adams over Christmas video would be 'helpful'
The company who created the sketch, Ferry Clever, has since taken down the video.
# dylan man
That iconic photo of Michael D at Slane has been turned into a class illustration
With a variety of coloured shirts too.
# the president show
A new sketch show all about Donald Trump just started on Comedy Central
And it’s proving very popular.
# ploon
How this Irish comedian's soft drink sketch became one of 2017’s best memes
Just nipping out in the punto.
# the factor
Alec Baldwin adds Bill O'Reilly to his impression roster - then has him talk to Donald Trump
Saturday Night Live’s return from hiatus gave the viewing public two Baldwins for the price of one.
# we'll do it live
Alec Baldwin returned to SNL with a brilliant takedown of Bill O'Reilly
But his Trump was there too.
# gary gary gary
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch is on the scourge of the ‘total legend’ in Irish offices
It’s a disease.
# What now?
Foil Arms & Hog have devised 10 handy ways to pretend you were listening to someone
Just whip out the Deflating Balloon. They’ll have no idea.
# bold bai
Someone made an official complaint over Oliver Callan talking about Thomas Clarke's genitalia
There were three complaints made in relation to coverage around the 1916 Rising.
# doom dah
Foil Arms and Hog have perfectly identified the 11 different ways of being late to work
The Blamer, the Gifter, the Judas… Which one are you?
# get up dimitri
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch sums up the Irish Olympic boxing debacle
Michael Conlan is LOVING it.
# get up dimitri
Foil Arms and Hog's new sketch sums up the Irish Olympic boxing debacle
Michael Conlan is LOVING it.
# state of ye
An Irish sketch just perfectly summed up the bleedin' state of the world
No no, we can’t go there.
# On Holiday
Foil, Arms and Hog perfectly summed up every Irish family before they go on holiday
“We’ll have to lose the sausages”.
# Fupin Eejits
This Irish sketch sums up the petrol station struggle in 35 seconds
I just want some chewing gum.
# head wrecked
Foil Arms & Hog have excellently summed up why you might be confused about Brexit
# Sketch
17 words that have a completely different meaning if you grew up in Ireland
“The bang off that yoke”.
# Teetotally fine
This Foil Arms & Hog sketch captures the struggle of not drinking as an Irish person
But Dad was an alcoholic! “Well, at least he was a bit of craic.”
# pure sound
The security guards at Trinity caught a bike thief and left behind this wonderful note
How satisfying.
# Saturday Night Live
This SNL sketch about ISIS is upsetting a lot of people
Apparently, you don’t joke about ISIS.
# swiftamine
Confused about your new-found love of Taylor Swift? SNL has the solution
This spoof commercial for ‘Swiftamine’ is GOLD.
# no tayto
Ever wonder what the world would be like if Ireland didn't exist?
This sketch explores that terrifying thought.
# thou shalt not
Want to break the law in Ireland? It's easier than you think
Lighting up on Grafton Street? THINK AGAIN.
# just turn it on
Teaching your mum how to use a computer is agonising, and this video nails it
Is there anything more painful?
# felix bollard
Republic of Telly tackles homophobia in its own special way
The cheeky sods poke a bit of fun at recent controversies. How DID they get away with it?
# Hashtag
Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill demonstrate just how annoying hashtags really are
#hashtag #video #cool #funny #fun #lols #jimmykimmel #latergram #jonahhill #excerpt
# madra measures
Irish sketch perfectly sums up the confusion around dog years
SIX FIFTEEN dog central time.
# cobbler bob
Lego sketch sees David Bowie living 'The Good Life on Mars'
He wants to kill off Ziggy Stardust!
# tough life
Irish lads demonstrate things that should be simple, but really really aren't
We identify with all of these painful, intricate tasks.
# Murder
Sketch released of suspect in French Alps murders
The image shows the man wearing a rare type of motorcycle helmet.
# Hashtag
VIDEO: If you hate hashtags you'll love this chat between Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon
# Ah here
Is this the most unrealistic picture of Beyoncé ever?
It is like looking at a picture of Beyoncé’s alien twin sister.
# Complaint
Bishops claim Mario Rosenstock sketch is "grossly offensive"
The Catholic Communications Office said that a recent sketch “is grossly offensive to all Catholics” as it shows a man spitting into a bucket before receiving Holy Communion.
# Seánie in court
A nice tan but no cheeky grin from Seánie on his day in court
There were more than a few interested spectators as the former chairman and chief executive of the now defunct Anglo Irish Bank appeared in a criminal court in Dublin.