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# Dublin
Man jailed for 6.5 years for sexual exploitation and defilement of child
The girl’s mother contacted gardaí after finding concerning messages on her laptop.
# Courts
Dublin man who used Snapchat and Skype to exploit young girls jailed for 9.5 years
The final two years were suspended by the judge.
# visitation
Prisoners want to be able to use Skype to contact their families
Overcrowding, nutrition, healthcare and access to mental health services remain as issues for prisons in Ireland.
# love letters
"He still had my letters" - the Irish woman who married her American teenage penpal
Siobhán Moran and David Roth started writing to each other in 1993. Then last year, he finally found her again after years of trying.
# dislike button
Why Europe isn't creating any Googles or Facebooks
There’s a massive gulf between the US and Europe when it comes to tech success stories.
# bugged out
First iMessage, now Skype has its own messaging bug issue
A fix for the bug has been recently released.
# babel fish
Now anyone can use Skype's real-time video chat translator
Four spoken languages – English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin – are supported by the service and is available to anyone with Windows 8.1 or above.
# what's in a name?
Rupert Murdoch could be about to make Skype change its name
The video messaging company has come off worse in a legal battle with the Australian media mogul’s Sky PLC.
# letter from america
An English councillor says he can do his job from the USA
Telecommuting is all the rage, sure.
# evening fix
Here’s What Happened Today: Thursday
Coláiste Eoin, Skype facilities and the first Laureate of Irish fiction.
# The Internet
There is a 'Skype facility' in Leinster House after all. Well, sort of... has done some digging today…
# private chat
This eccentric entrepreneur wants to kill Skype
MegaChat, his new video calling service, is said to offer end-to-end encryption to keep calls private.
# taking the mickey
Walt Disney paid less than 1% tax on its billion-dollar profits: Luxleaks
Pressure is mounting on European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.
# xxxtra factor
A topless woman wandered on screen during the Xtra Factor on Sunday
Dermot O’Leary was completely lost for words.
# Prime Numbers
Portmarnock beach, Thomas Piketty, and butter coffee: The week in numbers
Plus: How many people in Ireland have a Skype account?
# old school
The most popular messaging service among Irish adults isn't WhatsApp or Viber...
It’s actually one that’s been around much longer.
# universal translation
Microsoft reveals real-time language translator for Skype calls
The feature allows users to speak to each other in their native language, which Skype then translates in real-time.
# Missing You
New RTÉ show follows Irish families as they Skype their loved ones abroad
Your St Stephen’s Day telly is now sorted.
# tissues please
This moving Skype ad will make you cry hot salty tears
Teenagers with only one arm each connect from across the world.
# herro?
8 pets who know Skype is a great way to spend quality time with someone
They want to keep in touch, ok?
# Online Safety
Irish girl (17) 'forced into stripping on Skype' by US computer hacker
The girl was allegedly forced into stripping by California’s Jared James Abrahams who has been charged with hacking into the webcams of several women.
# Belfast
Warning over man offering schoolgirls paid modelling work through Facebook
One school in Belfast told parents that the man involved befriends the girls through the site and insists they set up a Skype account.
# brring brring
Comedian Skypes his way around the world
Mark Malkoff asked people in 162 countries what they wanted. The results are great.
# Net Neutrality
EU wants to ban mobile networks from blocking Skype over 3G
The European Commission wants to guarantee net neutrality by stopping carriers from selectively blocking services.
# Web Summit
NASDAQ bell to ring in Ireland for the first time
Millions of people will watch the NASDAQ stock market open live from the Dublin Web Summit.
# Apple
The 25 most popular free iPhone apps of all time
Sorry, Android users. You’re probably not going to want to read this article.
# internet firsts
11 internet firsts you probably never heard of
The first photo ever uploaded to the internet, the first registered domain name… let’s step back into the internet’s history.
# that's gran
7 of the all-time best grannies on the internet
# My Tech Life
The Silver Surfer who's still riding the crest of a wave
Marie O’Gorman may not be able to fly because of a medical condition, but she still has the world at her fingertips.
# this is dog
These dogs miss each other, so they're on Skype
Hello? Yes, this is dog.
Win your loved one's dream gift: A Christmas chat with Robbie Keane
It’s always been our boyhood dream anyway.
# Fail
'Phone foulup' could cost Cardinals the World Series
A communication failure meant that instructions on the Cardinals’ bench were misinterpreted, hampering their chances of success in the process.
# FaceSkype
Coming soon to a Facebook account near you... video calling
Facebook unveils new deal with Skype.
# whoops
Watch: Leaked video of what Skype on the iPad looks like
It appears the online video chat service accidentally released its promo video a little early.
# Fail
Skype users unleash their rage on Twitter as service goes down
Skype service goes down for a second time in two weeks for some users across the globe. Microsoft recently bought the service for $8.5 billion.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Tuesday
Our nightly wrap-up of what’s been going on… including some hints on who to watch in tonight’s Eurovision semi-final.
# Skype
Microsoft confirms $8.5bn takeover of Skype service
The takeover deal, first flagged by the Wall Street Journal this morning, is the largest in Microsoft’s 36-year history.
# Skype Wedding
Hospitalised groom weds in last-minute Skype wedding
Samuel Kim caught a lung infection that kept him in an isolation ward – but he still wed using the video-chat software.