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November 2023
The government has told people not to buy phones for children. What approach should parents take?
Distraction, entertainment, bullying, sleep deprivation and addiction are among the factors parents need to consider.
'This isn't a war on phones': Norma Foley outlines new smartphone policy for primary schools
Labour’s education spokesperson Aodhán Ó Ríordáin has said the policy was a “distraction” from the teacher shortage in schools.
Poll: Should primary school-aged children be banned from using smartphones?
A memo is going to Cabinet this morning which will aim to encourage parents to avoid buying smartphones for children in primary schools.
Details of a fodder support scheme for farmers impacted by flooding to be signed off today
The scheme is specifically for farmers on the Shannon Callows and comes after the Minister previously said there would be no such support.
This year
Parenting: 'We can't block technology for our kids - that ship has sailed'
Margaret Lynch looks at the government’s backing of schools wishing to ban smartphones and wonders if it’s a red herring.
Does your child have a smartphone, or did you have one as a child? We want to hear your stories
We want to hear from young people and their parents about how smartphone use affects their lives
Stephen Donnelly: We need to get ‘very serious’ about smartphones in schools
The Health Minister said he would be in favour of an outright ban in both primary and secondary schools, but he added that a voluntary approach led by schools and parents might work best.
Opinion: Is it time to ban smart phones in schools?
Dr Catherine Conlon looks at the evidence and arguments for and against an outright ban of smartphones in schools.
Poll: Should parents withhold smartphones from primary school-aged children?
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Last year
EU lawmakers impose single charger for all smartphones from 2024
The move will push Apple to replace its Lighting port on phones sold in the EU, with expectations that the change will ripple around the world.
Quiz: How much do you know about smartphones?
The European Union made an important decision this week that’ll affect them.
All time
Opinion: Sexually violent pornography is being promoted to first-time users of top sites
A comprehensive study by Dr Fiona Vera-Gray and Professor Clare McGlynn of Durham University uncovered worrying levels of access to violent pornography.
Two thirds of children contacted by a stranger while gaming online, according to new survey
The survey was conducted by charity Cybersafe Ireland.
About 130 phones are stolen per week and only 10% are recovered
The mobile phones stolen in Ireland since 2019 are worth about €5 million.
Huawei announces plan to open three new stores just days after decision to strip it from UK's 5G network
Huawei’s consumer arm said that the £10 million expansion plan shows its ‘confidence’ in the UK.
Covid-19 contact tracing app due to be launched by end of May
The app will be released on an opt-in basis and use bluetooth technology.
Covid-19: HSE says contact tracing app could be rolled out 'in the next 10 days'
The HSE’s Paul Connors this morning described it as a “very important piece of technology.
Opinion: 'The children I meet are often shattered by their social media use'
Often, girls are worn out by body judgement and boys by overuse of video games, writes Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist.
'Young people learn about sex through porn, many have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like'
Parents and teachers need to be better equipped to talk to young people about sex and relationships, Noeline Blackwell has said.
Factcheck: Are horns growing on young people's skulls because of mobile phone use?
The scientific journal that published this recent study said it is now looking into issues regarding the paper.
Samsung delays launch of folding smartphone amid reports that its screen keeps breaking
The €1,760 smartphone was due to launch this week.
Children who own mobile phones at younger age perform worse in reading and maths tests
New research has found that four in 10 children in Ireland own a mobile phone by the age of nine.
Poll: Do you plan to cut down on screen time in 2019?
Many people spend several hours a day on smartphones and other devices.
Samsung releases new Galaxy smartphone with a promise of 24-hour battery life
Samsung suffered a 22% drop in sales in the second quarter of the year.
Parents and students are being asked for their say on the use of smartphones in schools
Age restrictions, the use of phones in the classroom, and the taking of photos in school are just some of the issues being consulted on.
Poll: At what age should children be allowed to have smartphones?
The digital age of consent in Ireland in 13.
66% of parents don't want children under 14 to have smartphones
Just 22% think that this is OK, according to a poll carried out by Claire Byrne Live.
Varadkar says children need to be protected from predators online
The digital age of consent in Ireland is 13.
Poll: What's the right age for a child to own a smartphone?
A thorny issue for many families.
'False sense of security': Warning for parents who use smart devices to keep tabs on their children
Some smartphones and smartwatches could be sharing your child’s location with strangers.
Poll: Is it acceptable to check your phone in the cinema?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
Young people are worried they are addicted to their smartphones
54% of students said they checked their phones in the classroom in the last seven days
Giving toddlers tablets and smartphones can 'harm their speech development'
Every half hour a toddler spends with a smartphone increases their risk of delayed speech by 49%, say researchers.
Some of Three's customers wrongly told they've spent hundreds on internet services
The phone service provider said the messages were sent in error and the issue has been resolved.
French workers win 'right to disconnect' from emails out of work hours
The French measure is intended to tackle the so-called “always-on” work culture that has led to a surge in usually unpaid overtime.
Struggling to get a good night's sleep? Ditch those alarm apps for a start
Sleep hygiene is a priority for our tech-obsessed society in 2017.
Need to keep the kids entertained? These apps will help
And you can do it without them accessing other parts of your phone or tablet.
Poll: When did you last change your mobile phone?
There are smartphones galore at this time of year.
Want an easy way to improve your outdoor photos? HDR can help
In certain situations, it can solve the brightness problem that outdoor photos can suffer from.
'It's not social to be on social media': The Irishman moving off-the-grid for a happier life
An RTÉ documentary airing tonight explores how much our digital fingerprint is telling the world about us.