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How this Irish comedian's soft drink sketch became one of 2017’s best memes

Just nipping out in the punto.
Apr 18th 2017, 8:00 AM 19,525 2

BACK IN DECEMBER of last year Snapchatter and Facebook comedian Tony Cantwell posted another video to his excellent page.

But this wasn’t just any other sketch.

“Meanwhile in Clongowes” has gone on to become so much more

Our protagonist is a student in Clongowes Wood College boarding school in Kildare, and he’s collecting some orders because he’s on a mission:

“Guys, please can I have your attention because I’m only going to nip out in the punto once”

ploon Source: Tony Cantwell

“Right, that is: three snack boxes, two cod and chips… we’ve got… breakfast rolls? If they have them Marius, how random, you bloody bellend!”

ploon2 Source: Tony Cantwell Facebook

As the sketch goes on, other thirsty guys in desperate need of a soft drink feature – with the names getting more and more ridiculous throughout.

It’s the cast of characters in Clongowes:

  • Oisin
  • Oscar
  • Cormac
  • Neen
  • Iasc
  • Gearroin
  • Waaaalter
  • Frantine
  • Ploon
  • Roll
  • Train

Since it was posted in December, it’s been watched over half a million times - and to this day still carries so much momentum from shares and comments.

But not just that, the thirsty guys have become quite a glorious meme and taken on a life of their own.

Kendall Jenner goes to Clongowes

They can merge with other memes to form something even better

They’re headlining Electric Picnic this year

Fans can reel the names off without watching it again

Slowly but surely the sketch moved from the realm of funny internet video to something more than that.

You just have to utter the words “soft drink” online in Ireland and there’s a good chance you’re referencing Tony’s sketch

The most famous wonderfully posh names to come out of the sketch are Iasc


Ploon, of course

And Neeeeeen


It’s got people investigating other words as Gaeilge that can be used for names in the future

And don’t even think about mentioning a Punto without sounding like you’re on a soft drink run

A beautiful thing.

You can find Tony on Snapchat as @tonyhorror and on Facebook here, baby.

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