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# South Park

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# Censored
South Park creators issue mock apology over China censorship
The cartoon offended Chinese officials after it depicted forced labour at a prison.
# Satire
South Park tackles Colin Kaepernick outrage with anti-cop national anthem
The NFL made headlines for refusing to stand during the national anthem.
# trumped
South Park showed Donald Trump being brutally murdered
The creators clearly aren’t fans.
# Respect my authority
Deflategate gets the South Park treatment, featuring Eric Cartman as Tom Brady
Bill Belichick and Roger Goodell are involved too.
# Life of Reilly
7 reasons it's time you got familiar with deadly Kilkenny animator David O'Reilly
David O’Reilly was recently brought on board as a writer for South Park.
# licence to thrill
@GardaTraffic's update about a fake driving licence arrest is gas
Never mind GSOC, these lads have important business to attend to.
Nine of South Park's finest sporting moments
Beware: Offensive material, foul language and possibly even a few spoilers are just one click away.
# Modesty
Sinead O'Connor was on South Park last night*
*Well, a cartoon caricature of Sinead O’Connor. Obviously.
# going down to...
South Park misses deadline for the first time ever because of a power cut
The bast***s killed South Park!
# sledge
'That decision sucked ass' - Aussie cricket chiefs investigate 'obscene' tweet
Someone wasn’t impressed with a decision at Lords.
# must watch
Magnificent 7: best sports-related moments in TV comedies
Featuring Fawlty Towers, The Simpsons, and of course, Shaq’s appearance in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
# scause
VIDEO: South Park takes on doping... and charity bracelets*
The best satire on TV had its say on the biggest issue in sport this week. *May contain spoilers and/or sacrilege.
Un-caged: Modern (verbal) warfare in the UFC
For maybe the first time in UFC history, the fans are looking forward to the build-up to the fight more than the fight itself.
# Musical Mayhem
Mormons on Broadway: Trey Parker and Matt Stone's new musical
The South Park creators have spent the last seven years writing ‘The Book of Mormon’ which opens on Broadway this week. We also take a look at some other musicals with religious themes.
# South Park
Man pleads guilty to South Park terror threat
Zachary Chesser admits to encouraging attacks on cartoonists Trey Parker and Matt Stone over their depictions of Islam.