9 painfully Southside responses to the arrival of the Beast from the East

You can find bread but you can’t find brioche.

THE BEAST FROM the East has succeeded in making us all panic buy perishable goods and cower in our homes under a curfew. Great. Spare a thought for those on the Southside that are experiencing hardship like we’ve never seen before.

1. It started yesterday with some serious prep

2. They weren’t worried about bread though

3. Transport this morning was a nightmare

4. Pray for those without french toast in bed in the morning

Source: Ciarán Walsh

5. The conditions are shocking

6. All the essentials are being whipped up

7. In Foxrock, they’re literally chilling their wine in the snow

8. At least they have the proper equipment already lying around

9. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any worse than this

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