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March 2023
# Spider Awards
The Journal's Redacted Lives podcast among nominees at 2023 Spider Awards
The winners will be announced this Friday in Dublin.
Last month
February 2023
# Spiders
Noble false widow spider preys on pygmy shrew in first recorded case
The discovery was made by Dawn Sturgess at a home in England, with researchers from Galway publishing the details.
Last year
# Your Say
Poll: How do you react when you find a big spider in your home?
It’s nearly spider season.
All time
# false widow
Quiz: How much do you know about falsehoods?
If you don’t want to see some spiders, look away now.
# false widows
Warning issued over false widow spiders in Ireland as temperatures drop
The National Poisons Information Centre said false widows do not randomly bite, however.
# Study
Irish scientists discover cause of 'skin-eating' conditions from False Widow spiders
The finding was the result of research carried out by scientists at NUI Galway.
# Investigation
Former eBay employees charged after allegedly sending spiders and cockroaches to US couple
The campaign was allegedly over a newsletter they published which was critical of the company.
# Philaeus Chrysops
'Handsome chaps': Red-bellied jumping spider spotted in Ireland for the first time
Ireland’s warming climate could mean the species becomes a regular fixture in the country.
# Waterford
Woman hospitalised for six days after being bitten by 'Noble False Widow' spider
Another woman was forced to leave her home after being bitten by the spider.
# noble false widow
Spider eats native Irish lizard in first recorded case
The unusual scene was recorded in a private garden in Killiney, Co Dublin in May 2017.
# lunch crunch
Poll: Are you afraid of spiders?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
# spin doctors
Super-strong man-made spider silk could soon be used to repair spinal cords
The material is one of nature’s strongest materials but it’s notoriously hard to farm.
# ring the alarm
This Irish mam is sick of spiders invading her home, so she's giving them a written warning
Woe betide any spider who dares cross the threshold from now on.
# eight legged freaks
14 struggles that are too real if you're f**king TERRIFIED of spiders
There are no pictures of scary spiders in this article, we promise.
# the itsy bitsy spider
A Limerick woman found this frankly terrifying spider in her bananas after the Big Shop
Watch an entire family lose their minds over a poor unfortunate spider
# bushtucker trial
Hundreds have complained about Ferne McCann eating a live spider on I'm A Celeb
The former TOWIE star was given the revolting task during her final Bushtucker Trial last night.
# Australia
Police rushed to a 'domestic dispute' - but just found a man screaming at a spider
New South Wales Police posted a transcript of their conversation with the man online.
# along came a spider
Police rushed to a 'domestic dispute', but just found a man screaming at a spider
Same, TBH.
# infested
Ten thousand spiders have have set up webbed camp on a bridge in Ohio
The webs are making the bridge look like a Halloween wonderland.
# along came a spider
This guy willingly put spiders in his mouth to try and disprove an urban myth
Distressing, but reassuring at the same time.
# spider invasion
11 truly horrifying spiders found in Irish homes this year
Spiders, BE GONE.
Here's what you need to know about those huge spiders in your house
It is generally agreed that the false widows’ bite is about as serious as a wasp or bee sting, writes Billy Flynn.
# creeping
Yes, massive spiders are invading Irish homes and here’s why
But it’s not all bad news.
# not today satan
10 mildly infuriating things that can damn near ruin your day
*inhales sharply*
# no thank you
It rained tiny spiders in this Australian town
# noooope
A man tried to squash a spider, but the spider had one last trick up its sleeve
ARACHNOPHOBES BEWARE: THere is a whole load of NOPE up in here.
# Nope
People with arachnophobia meet huge spiders
Terror town.
# fiddly piddling
8 real problems every man can identify with
The struggle is real.
# along came a spider
107 million spiders were found to be living in a disused US water treatment plant
US family flees home after thousands of deadly spiders 'bleed out' of the walls
That is exactly the verb they used.
# incey wincey spider
Ireland's 'giant spider invasion' is real... but here's what you need to know
It’s happening, but it’s normal.
# spider house
Here's why you don't need to freak out about the 'spider hell house' in Carlow
A sizeable number of tropical spiders were found in a house in Carlow, but there is no need to be upset.
# spider house
'100 killer spiders' were found in a Carlow house and they're causing mass hysteria
Not calmly, anyway.
# spidey sense
This video will make you think twice about killing a spider
What if spiders went extinct? The world as we know it would end, apparently.
# along came a spider
Giant spider photobombs BBC Scotland breakfast newscast
Turn that arachnophobia up to ninety.
# along came a spider
Man tries to kill spider, ends up burning his house down
KILL IT WITH FIRE! Except maybe don’t.
# fish dinner
Fish-eating spiders exist, and here is horrifying proof
Well, this is awful.
# buggin out
Spider terrifies two girls by photobombing their selfie