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Love/Hate is being replayed from the beginning - so we've been taking a look back at some iconic scenes
If you love Love/Hate, join us. If you haven’t – and hate spoilers – don’t.
# Spoiler Alert
Atletico chief says club has known since March that Griezmann is Barca-bound
While the forward has hinted his future may lie elsewhere, the Colchonero director is in no doubt that he will move to Camp Nou
# Spoiler Alert
People have been tearing their hair out over spoilers in recent weeks... but why?
How has the fear of spoilers changed the way productions are made and how we view them?
# can't handle the strewth
Chris Hemsworth was pretty unimpressed when a TV presenter revealed a Thor spoiler live on air
“This is not live, is it? We can rewind the tape on this?”
# Spoiler Alert
KFC's newest ad features a Game of Thrones character reliving his death in a branch of the fast food chain
Too soon.
# Revenge
A Star Wars fan brilliantly got back at his mate who spoiled his favourite TV shows
(Don’t worry, there aren’t any Star Wars spoilers inside.)
# all men must die
40 episodes of Game of Thrones in 40 sentences
Don’t mention the wedding.
# house of spoilers
Here's how to block House of Cards spoilers from your timeline
Spoilers be gone.
# Spoiler Alert
Look away now if you don't want to know who won last night's Royal Rumble
If you chose bed over staying up late and haven’t recorded it to watch later, however, step right this way.
# Spoiler Alert
Love/Hate caused the single biggest spike in Irish Twitter traffic this year
But which episode?
# Spoiler Alert
12 GAA stars who are still reeling from that Love/Hate finale (**lots and lots of spoilers**)
FAIR WARNING: If you haven’t seen the Love/Hate season finale yet, you really don’t want to read this piece.
# never give up
Fiji player is way too cool about touching down, gets smashed
It’s a metaphor. But also very sore.
# that bastard
There's only 29 seconds of Game of Thrones footage of Joffrey being sound
Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.
# Spoiler Alert
There's more death on the cards in Love/Hate
SPOILER ALERT! Sure when isn’t there?
# Where's Amber?
Amber co-creator reveals what REALLY happened at the end
Spoilers? Yeah. Lots of ‘em.
# cartoon sherlock
Breaking Bad and Mad Men get the Sherlock treatment
You’d knock the block off cartoon Sherlock.
# Spoiler Alert
6 things we learned from watching The Class of '92
The new documentary on Messrs Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Butt and Nevilles is available to buy now.
# oh jaysus handle
Last night's Love/Hate: Fran's tooth, the Oh Jaysus Handle, and rats
Your essential recap in 28 simple steps
# Spoiler Alert
The Breaking Bad finale: Heartbreaking and heart-stopping moments
CONTAINS SPOILERS: Do not read if you have yet to watch the episode.
# that's what she said
11 reasons why the US Office is better than the UK Office
Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.
# Sheila the lioness
Tonight's episode of The Zoo just might break your heart...
… Or at least make you cry.
# Spoiler Alert
PLAY: The unofficial Game of Thrones drinking* game
*With tea or Miwadi maybe. It is Monday after all.
# Spoiler Alert
6 Game of Thrones basics you need to know
Season 3 kicked off last night. We whipped together a cheat sheet to catch you up.
# Spoiler Alert
Is Darren back in Love/Hate? We examine the evidence
We predicted he’d be back. Were we right?
# Spoiler Alert
The 7 saddest moments from your childhood
“He can’t see without his glasses”. Weep.
# Spoiler Alert
'I've cut the top of my finger off' - last night's Masterchef Ireland in pictures
And now we’re starving…
# humbug
Is this ad ruining Christmas for children?
Hundreds of people have complained to the advertising watchdog in the UK about this Christmas ad from chainstore Littlewoods – but is it really that bad? (WARNING! Do not read this piece if you are under 10).
# Spoiler Alert
WATCH: How did the Irish guy do in The Glee Project?
Damian McGinty was among the last entrants left in the contest to win a role in the next series of Glee. So how’d he do?
# Spoiler Alert
Irish hopeful still looking for a spot on Glee
Celtic Thunder singer Damian McGinty is a finalist on US reality show ‘The Glee Project’.