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# Squee
National treasure Domhnall Gleeson is on next week's Catastrophe - here's the scoop
When worlds collide.
# mulder and scully
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson tweeted about The X Files return and Twitter swooned
# p-p-pick up
The oldest man in Australia spends his time knitting tiny jumpers for tiny penguins
We’ll take one penguin and one jumper, please.
# Squee
Dublin Zoo's baby elephant caught on camera cuddling up to its mammy will melt your heart
# Squee
Just a little black lamb and a corgi, playing tag
BFFs to the end.
# Squee
Gloriously adorable twin red panda cubs to melt your heart
Lions and tigers and pandas, oh my.
# Squee
This tiny hamster hanging out in its tiny house is just TOO cute
Binging on food and chilling in bed. The dream.
# Nap time
Could this hedgehog have the cutest snore in the world?
If every snore sounded like this snore, we wouldn’t mind so much.
This cat lovingly holding a snoring pug will warm your icy heart
Wait til you hear these snores. Just wait!
# panda-monium
Watch these panda cubs grow from tiny pink yokes to cuddly panda toddlers
# den of cuddles
Here are some gratuitous cuddly lion cubs to ease you into Monday morning
Don’t look for hidden meaning, they’re just here to comfort you.
# snoopy babe
Prepare to fall in love with China's most popular cat
# Squee
Tiny baby shrews walk in formation as 'Shrew Caravan'
This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.
# all time cutest
13 baby animals who don't get enough cute credit
# going wild
8 reasons hedgehogs need you
It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week.
# Squee
Baby sea lion wants a cuddle at Dublin Zoo
He goes “aaaaaaark”.
# Squee
9 examples of world leaders being total softies
All you need to do is add cats, dogs and babies to the mix.
# Tiny Dancers
Bet Their Mammies Are Proud Pic of the Day
No comment (except: awwwwww).
# best present ever
VIDEO: Middle-aged dad gets a puppy for Christmas… and LOVES IT
Turns out dads love puppies too.
# Kittens
VIDEO: Eight weeks of kittens in five minutes
From birth to boxing the heads off each other… check out these amazing furballs.
# Squee
Seven videos of kids singing that might make you cry
Oh, what’s that? You’re chopping onions? Grand.
# Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day, so here's a slideshow of animals in love
Ah sure it would be rude not to…
# I've got you
How to... save a drowning bird
Step one: Enlist the assistance of an orangutan.