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# Squirrel

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This Dublin DJ’s gas nightclub story is going viral on Facebook
Taxidermy for the DJ.
A couple rescued a squirrel, and now it's happily living in their Christmas tree
You’re gonna LOVE Mittens.
Why did the BBC show people skinning and eating squirrels in studio?
Newsnight took a step into slightly more left-field territory last night.
ITV news reporter photobombed by man carrying dead squirrel
Nothing to see here.
Squirrel steals GoPro, becomes the next Martin Scorsese
This won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, didn’t you hear?
Stop! And watch this giant panda getting a bad fright off a squirrel
Well holy god.
Would you eat a squirrel burger?
Mmmmm, bushy.
Drogheda Animal Rescue have discovered the dog from Up
He was hiding under your porch because he loves you.
Squirrel learns a harsh lesson about water balloons
Greedy food-stealing squirrel is thwarted by pole covered in Vaseline
Authorities investigating viral video of man kicking squirrel into the Grand Canyon
The shocking video emerged online over the weekend.
Hero pool guy saves tiny ground squirrel from drowning
Reminder that there are good people out there.
Watch this baby squirrel fill its tiny tummy with milk until it bulges
We know how you feel, guy. We know.
Squirrel and cat are unlikely best pals
Look at them having the craic!
Joey Barton running scared as rogue squirrel causes mayhem at Loftus Road
Richard Dunne was slow to shoo the rodent invader from the pitch so the 21st century’s Steve Bull stepped up.
Adorable squirrel can't stop fainting
Poor Tippy.
Police officer fired after nasty altercation with squirrel
It’s not every day you write that sentence.
14 ways Rob the tiny squirrel won over the internet
We all need a little Rob in our lives.
WATCH: Confused squirrel interrupts US Open tennis match
He just wanted to play with them
Tiger tames course and wildlife to win 8th Bridgestone title
Not even a stray squirrel could stop the world number one on Sunday.
LA park evacuated after squirrel found with deadly plague bacteria
The squirrel was trapped on 16 July and test results revealed on Tuesday that the plague bacteria was present.
Squirrel steals a Snickers bar from a petrol station
Is this the cheekiest squirrel ever?
It's Friday, so here's a baby squirrel adopted by two giant dogs
There are videos. Several videos.
Why do Germans find it so hard to say "squirrel"?
This is very charming indeed.
The best animal escape video you'll see today
This squirrel can fly. It’s the only explanation.
SQUIRREL! The house from UP is now a reality
A group of builders and architects have faithfully recreated the cartoon house from the Disney movie, right down to the mural above the fireplace…talking dog not included.
The Daily Fix: Saturday
In this evening’s fix: The latest on the Gaza flotilla saga, pictures galore from Dublin and beyond, the Vatican is back in black…and the luckiest squirrel alive