Dublin: 9 °C Wednesday 7 June, 2023

# Stargazing

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# Stargazing
The first meteor shower of 2023 will be visible tonight
The Quadrantid meteor shower is expected to peak at 3am.
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# Stargazing
The last supermoon of the year will be visible in Irish skies tonight
A cloudy forecast could mean many of us miss out on the chance to see it, however.
# Stargazing
Pink supermoon set to grace the skies over Ireland tonight
Despite its name, there won’t be any dramatic colour change.
# blast off
SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites to test less reflective coating
Observatory director Jeff Hall said the satellites will be a growing risk to stargazers in the future.
# Lunar Eclipse
Here's how the 'super wolf blood moon' looked over Ireland early this morning
The phenomenon was the only lunar eclipse that was visible in Ireland this year.
# up early
Everything you need to know about viewing the 'super wolf blood moon' overnight
The next total lunar eclipse won’t happen for 14 years.
# up early
Irish stargazers will be able to view a rare 'super wolf blood moon' on Monday
It’s the only lunar eclipse viewable in Ireland this year.
# Stargazing
The supermoon had people staring wide-eyed at the heavens last night
Some cloud hampered things for Irish stargazers.
# Slightly smaller
Stargazers rejoice: There's another supermoon on the way
This one will only be 1/200th smaller than the supermoon we saw last month.
# Supermoon
As the moon rises over Ireland at 5pm, it will be the biggest it's been in 68 years
Make sure to catch a glimpse, weather pemitting of course.
# Sky at night
In need of a wish? This week is your best chance of catching a shooting star
The annual Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak this week.
# heavenly bodies
The best astronomy apps for amateur stargazers
If you want to decipher the skies, these 11 apps are worth a look.
# Planet Watch
Spectacular sights due as Jupiter and the Moon come together
Take a look up at the sky tonight to see Jupiter and the Moon blaze brighter than ever.
# Stargazing
No new Michelin stars for Ireland's restaurants
But we’ve put together a reminder of where you can still dine under the stars in Dublin and Waterford.
# Stargazing
Meteorite hunt in the North while stargazers gather for cosmic 'Star-B-Q'
Astronomy Ireland is gearing up to hold its annual stargazing event in Wicklow tonight, while the search is on for a space rock believed to have fallen to earth this week.
# Meteor Shower
Watch out for shooting stars in the skies this weekend
The Perseid meteor shower will be visible in the skies above Ireland tonight and tomorrow night.
# Lunar Eclipse
Slideshow: Last night's lunar eclipse
The final lunar eclipse visible from Ireland until 2015 took place last night – with spectacular sights witnessed across the globe.