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# State Papers 1983

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NI Secretary of State referred to Ian Paisley as a 'schizophrenic'
Minister objected to military vehicles factory setting up shop in Ireland in 1983
Cornflakes and Ribena among foods banned during Mugabe's 1983 visit to Ireland
The ‘Free Nicky Kelly’ fliers found in New York’s subway in 1983
Iran’s ‘championing’ of Bobby Sands in the 1980s was concerning to the Irish Government
Paisley wanted NI families visiting prisoners in Republic to be paid for
The Department of Finance wanted to get rid of the government jet
Govt nervous about British nuclear plans and wanted cover ‘if anything went wrong’
Bishops given copy of Attorney General's advice ahead of 1983 referendum
Changes to prison accommodation rules raised concerns about homosexuality
Haughey sought military advice on a common defence plan for Ireland and the UK
How's your memory? Do you recall how much a round of drinks was in 1983?
Maze prisoners badly treated by 'out of control' officers after IRA escape
RTÉ refused an exemption on Sinn Féin broadcast ban
This underwear ad in the RTÉ Guide caused a bit of a stir in 1978
Cost of Margaret Thatcher's helicopter created headaches for govt departments
Ex-senior garda advised Taoiseach not to appoint an 'outsider' as commissioner
George H.W. Bush wanted to have a 'word in Thatcher's ear'
Six detained air force officers caused significant tension for Mugabe’s visit to Ireland
It would be deemed an “unfortunate event” if Mugabe was harmed on state visit to Ireland
TDs worried about impact Dáil TV and radio broadcasts would have on their dignity
The 30-year-old documents that unintentionally planned for Ireland's IMF bailout
History lesson: What happened during the 1983 abortion referendum?
The Attorney General's advice NOT to introduce 'pro-life' constitutional amendment
Phone tapping: Papers reveal garda commissioner's belief that he had no choice but to retire
'Ireland's Watergate': How the phone tapping scandal would lead to Haughey's downfall... eventually