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'Dear Charlie': State Papers reveal 'warm congratulations' sent after Haughey regained power in 1989
While Iran sent flowers, Pakistan praised Haughey’s “outstanding qualities of wisdom and leadership” after the general election.
Charlie Haughey's hotel suite during a visit to France was triple the cost of the room given to another minister
The government also took special care with the visit of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah.
'Beauty and splendour' of Adare Manor passed over as possible 1989 East-West summit venue
Charles Haughey wished “to reply personally” to Adare’s Managing Director.
'A statement of national pride' with 30-mile views: the unsuccessful plan to build Dublin's Eiffel Tower
The £40m building was projected to attract 500,000 visitors every year.
Beneath the surface: the plan for a £15m underground shopping mall at the site of Nelson's Pillar
Details of the plan were released this week under the 30-year State Papers rule.
An IRA 'propaganda victory': US embassy was asked not to issue travel advice after 1980s rail bombings
The Irish and UK governments expressed their concern at a travel advisory being issued to US travellers, confidential documents show.
Peacekeepers' killings in Lebanon led government to halt Israeli plans to open Irish embassy
Irish troops have been deployed to the region with the UN since the 1970s.
'Take them to hell': The curious tale of the hidden Russian jewels and Dev's deal with the Bolsheviks
The jewels were given as security by Russian envoy in America in 1920 for a $20,000 loan advanced by the Irish Republic.
Cobh's 'military' potential and nuclear dumping in Donegal: concerns about Ireland at end of Cold War
US officials conveyed their worries about a Cobh shipyard to the Taoiseach in 1989.
The Christmas cards sent to Haughey asking him not to forget The Birmingham Six
“This will be the 16th Christmas that my father and the five men… will spend imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit,” one letter said.
NI lobby group was accused of misleading investors about Republic to 'damage our national interest'
The spat was the subject of talks between a UK minister and an Irish ambassador in 1989.
The 1989 letters exchanged between a Birmingham Six prisoner and Charlie Haughey
“This is the first positive thing you have done for us,” Paddy Joe Hill said in a handwritten letter to the Fianna Fáil Taoiseach.