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16 reasons staying in on Friday night is the best

You know you want to.
Apr 5th 2013, 8:30 PM 47,510 37

DON’T FEEL like going out tonight? We don’t blame you.

After all, you know that everywhere in town will be like

And it will smell like

And your dearest friends will end up all like

Whereas you’ll only feel like

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But at home, you can eat absolutely whatever you want

And STILL feel virtuous because of all the money you're saving

Plus, you don't have to try and look good

There's usually something funny on the telly


And even if there isn't, watching the Late Late Show via Twitter is pretty fun

Or maybe pick a movie that represents the week you've had


Anyway the sofa is SO COMFORTABLE, you might just fall asleep


Then the next morning your friends will feel like


And all they'll do is


But you'll just be like

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And remember, you've still got the whole weekend ahead of you!

Nice work, dude. That's why staying in on Fridays is the best.

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