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'A disgraceful episode': Belfast Council to investigate controversial bonfire pallets storage
Up to 3,000 pallets were stolen from a council site earlier this week.
Government spending €1.5 million to store paper records each year
Storing paper files in off-site locations is costing over €1.5m every year.
Apple may get rid of one of the iPhone's most annoying limitations
Apple will likely increase the minimum storage space offered on the iPhone from 16GB to 32GB.
Is your phone's space filling up too quickly? This is how you take back control
A little effort can go a long way.
This is your reminder to back up your phone as soon as you can
It will save you some headaches in the long run.
WhatsApp taking up too much space? You should clear your chats
Multimedia messages can fill up your storage very quickly but there is a way to clear them entirely.
What exactly is the 'other' section in your phone's storage space for?
It has a purpose, honest.
Here's how you can really make the most out of Google Photos
You can do so much more than just save photos on it.
Here's how to remove apps from your phone the right way
If you’re going to free up space, you may as well make sure you’re freeing up as much space as possible.
Poor storage facilities at garda stations leave them 'stinking' of cannabis for days
Without adequate ventilation systems to stop the smell spreading through the station, gardaí say they are often stuck with the stench of rotting cannabis plants.
Phone running out of space? There's an easy way of checking what to remove
You (likely) have a free day so why not free up some space on your smartphone.
7 storage solutions that'll put some smacht on your makeup collection
Storage solutions for all. Even you, woman with 30+ Mac lipsticks.
Here's how you can quickly clean your device*
*in software terms, that is.
Space saver: How to make fitted storage work for your home
This compact cottage manages to be functional and beautiful all at once.
Getting an SD card to increase phone storage? Here's what you need to know
Micro SD cards are a handy way of increasing storage space on your smartphone, but there’s more to consider than just space.
This SD card (likely) offers more storage space than your laptop
The SD card, which was launched by SanDisk, offers 512GB of storage space, but it doesn’t come cheap.
Should you be worried about whether your cloud data is safe?
The recent image leak involving numerous female celebrities has brought the focus on cloud security, but does this mean your own files are under threat?
How to store all your family photos on the cloud
If you want a handy way to save photos and be able to access them anywhere, you’ve come to the right place.
Microsoft takes on Google Drive by doubling free OneDrive storage
Ordinary OneDrive users will have access to 15GB of storage for free, matching it with Google’s cloud storage service.
What you need to know about saving on the cloud
It’s one of the most overused terms when it comes to online services, but cloud storage is now pretty much part of everything we do online. So what is it and how much should you depend on it?
Here is yet another reason all men should have beards
The storage potential is infinite.
9 signs you've been living without storage for too long
You never thought you’d grow up to be an adult dreaming of storage solutions, did you?
'The Forgotten Dead': Calls for database for unidentified remains
Families who lost their relations at sea would like the database to be created to aid in the search for missing people.
The burning question*: Do you store eggs in the fridge?
It’s Monday, so let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
Gardaí outsourcing vehicle towing in the eastern region
Six garda divisions are putting their vehicle towing management out to tender.
Sellafield's Thorp plant to close in six years
The controversial plant will close in 2018 once all existing contracts are completed.
Google launches Google Drive
Google Drive allows you to ‘Keep everything. Share anything’, the internet search leader said today. Cloud storage is the latest step for the company.
IKEA has built an apartment in the middle of a Paris Metro station
Oh, and five people are LIVING in it.
The burning question*: Do you store cups upside down or not?
This and every Monday, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)