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16 of the stupidest things that ever happened

Prepare to palm your face.
Jun 12th 2014, 9:30 PM 59,989 43

BET YOU FEEL pretty smart right about now.

1. When this person went to light up

sQEOR Source: Imgur

2. This artistic exchange

mP8Lgm0 Source: Imgur

3. This attempt to keep those keys safe

AcC2owu Source: Imgur

4. When this phone got lost

A5lWAPYCAAAI1SA Source: Thepoke

5. The look that says she genuinely thought something else was going to happen, and that’s the hardest part

NytOdHI Source: Imgur

6. This observation

85nZoQC Source: Imgur

7. When this person got their new credit card


8. This shopping trolley attempt

Oh, OK

nYJGU Source: Imgur

9. When this happened at the petrol station

GNQ5f8o Source: Imgur

10. The time these loyal fans posted on Facebook

ZTx80 Source: Imgur

11. When this mother found out she needed to go back to school


12. This ill-advised exit attempt

U2x0Q0K Source: Imgur

13. When this thought occurred to someone

lK8IUhg Source: Imgur

14. Play play play

hne3i67 Source: Imgur

15. When this app was downloaded

No cure for stupid. - Imgur Source: Imgur

16. And finally, when this comment was made

h5XHqqb Source: Imgur

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