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# New York City
Brooklyn subway attack suspect held without bail
Investigators are continuing the examine the 62-year-old’s possible motive.
# Brooklyn
US police search for motive over New York subway shooting
After a 30-hour manhunt, Frank R James was arrested without incident.
# New York
NY police searching for 'person of interest' over Brooklyn subway attack
Police said the incident in Brooklyn was not being investigated as an act of terrorism.
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# storm ida
Hurricane Ida: At least 25 dead as flash floods slam New York area
The National Weather Service recorded 3.15 inches of rain in Central Park in one hour last night.
# zhengzhou
At least 25 die in floods after a year's rain fell on China province in three days
A year’s average rainfall fell in just three days.
# toasted
Subway sandwiches contain 'too much sugar' to legally be considered bread, Supreme Court rules
The court rejected a number of appeals.
# cult
Japan preparing to execute cult members behind deadly 1995 sarin gas attack
Fourteen people died in the 1995 attack.
# going underground
Plans for an office block that could scupper the entire Dart underground have been blocked
The property developer has appealed Dublin council’s planning decision to the national authority.
# New York
New York subway staff say break rooms and bathrooms being used to store bodies
Some staff said they have been traumatised by unexpectedly finding a body that is being stowed temporarily until a medical examiner arrives.
# Meal Deal
Irish company signs meat deal with Subway worth up to €850 million
The company makes cooked and fermented meat.
# subway therapy
New Yorkers are leaving each other loving post-it notes to support each other after the election
A Manhattan subway station is the site of the new art project.
# New York
Woman killed after being pushed in front of subway train at Times Square station
Authorities have described the suspect as emotionally disturbed.
# please stop doing that
There has been a huge spate of knife attacks on the New York subway this week
There have been three slashing incidents on the train in the last three days, and 286 this year.
# Manchester
WATCH: Teen sentenced for robbing a Subway armed with a machete
The 16-year-old boy threatened staff with the knife, before ripping a cash register from its drawer.
# The Man in the High Castle
Amazon pulls Nazi ads following backlash in New York
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the ads were offensive to World War II and Holocaust survivors.
# sex crimes
Ex-Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle sentenced to 15 years
Fogle was given the sentence for having sex with minors and possessing child pornography.
# too much chicken
Press watchdog rejects complaint over ad for 'overstuffed' Subway sandwich
Viewer Peter Thomas submitted a complaint to the BAI over an ad showing a sandwich filled with what he felt was a misleading number of chicken breast slices.
# Only in America
Subway settles lawsuit over foot-long sandwiches that measure less than 12 inches
Bring your rulers to lunch.
# Germany
Mother seen pushing her 11-year-old son in front of Hamburg train
The woman is now being assessed at a psychiatric hospital.
# going underground
These are the 17 most beautiful metro stations around the world
Some are works of art.
# Ewww
Man finds massive dead rat in Subway sandwich
Needless to say, he was refunded.
# danger mouse
So a man found a dead mouse in his Subway sandwich...
Spicy or American cheese? Mouse or no mouse?
# fast rides
This ad on the New York subway will give Irish people an immature LOL
“Get a ride in minutes.” Don’t mind if we do, a weh weh weh!
# Immunity
Have a new kid? 'Take them on public transport and roll them around on the floor'
That’s what one geneticist thinks.
# Jared Fogle
Former Subway spokesman to plead guilty to paying for sex with minors
Jared Fogle had been with Subway for 15 years.
# pda
A comedian spotted some PDA on the subway, and mortified everyone involved
# Take a Break
1990s superstar Brandy sang on the subway and nobody noticed
Please watch this. For your childhood’s sake.
# House of Pain
This man's painful fail at leaping across subway tracks is going viral
*shakes head*
# fast food nation
So what's the fast food capital of Ireland then?
A new study has come up with the Irish town with the greatest number of fast food outlets on average.
# Coincidence
Is this the most perfectly timed photo ever?
# Your Say
Poll: Do you care how "natural" fast food is?
Do GMOs matter to you?
# no artificial colours
Subway sandwiches are about to get a lot more natural
The sandwich chain is trying to market itself as a fresher alternative to hamburger chains.
# Germany
Greek subway stations are showing films demanding World War II reparations
“We demand Germany’s debts.”
# subway dreams
A disguised U2 busked at New York's Grand Central station
Nice cowboy hat, Bono.
# Good Samaritan
VIDEO: Man jumps to rescue passenger from subway tracks
Holding out for a hero.
# license to chill
Chillest man ever figures out secret to actually enjoying your work commute
Meet your new hero.
# train in vain
This picture of two women in an embrace is going viral, but not for the reason you'd think
We’ll say nothing.
# subway love
The internet has found itself a new hero, and it's this woman
*wipes tear from eye* A true patriot.
# manspreading
Tom Hanks had some words for those accusing him of 'manspreading' on the subway
“Back off.”
# Rush Hour
Women-only subways are being considered in China
It comes after pink parking spaces – 30 centimeters wider then usual – were introduced for the alleged struggles women have parking in narrow spaces.