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Rajon Rondo rolled back the years last night with effortlessly-magical assist
He’s finding his feet again since moving to the Sacramento Kings.
Is this the new Leinster jersey for next season?
A picture of the new jersey has been circulating online.
# Turn Your Swag On
Holidays, horoscopes and a sex toy: here's what's in the Oscars swag bag
Free stuff for rich people.
16 free things on the internet that could literally change your life
All of these things are brilliant AND won’t cost you a cent.
Irish people attempt to translate ghetto slang, fail miserably
Hang five lads, hang five.
# banished
Language group names 'swag', 'bae' and 'curated' as words to be banished in 2015
Sorry, bae.
# the old school
The Upgrade: Inside the salvage yard - tips for homeowners spoke to the owner of a salvage yard about what they have to offer home renovators.
Obama pulls smoothest move ever after voter tells him "don't touch my girlfriend"
He didn’t even flinch.
12 reasons Johnny Manziel is the biggest party animal in the NFL
Or why we love Johnny Football.
# dawg
7 seconds of this dog wearing shoes will make your morning
Turn his swag on.
Adidas and Manchester United: a complicated history
The sports manufacturer was a long-term supplier for the club throughout the 1980s.
The Seahawks' Super Bowl rings are as tacky as you'd expect
What’s wrong with a Celtic cross design?
# dancing king
Little boy doles out some sweet justice to jealous girl on the dancefloor
Don’t mess with the groove.
# Gearing Up
Pro24: Here are all the kits you’ll see in the RaboDirect Pro12 this season
Rugby players really enjoy these official kit launch photoshoots, eh?
Have you seen Munster's new away kit yet?
Look, it’s raining in Limerick too.
This new* Leinster jersey is very, erm... stripey
*It looks legit to us, but the province has not officially unveiled a new kit yet.
# #greatguy
Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton have resolved their differences
Spot the difference: This is Ireland's new rugby jersey
Don’t all rush out to buy it at once, okay?
# Hashtag
6 hashtags we need to stop using right now
Hey kids! Exams are no time for YOLO
You only live once. Except when it comes to school.