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# Swimming pool

Last year
# Templemore
Templemore locals protest outside Garda college calling for access to swimming pool
Locals have said they have been able to use the pool for decades.
All time
# spin activity centre
Leisure centre in Kildare forced to close as it struggles to secure insurance
Spin Activity Centre said it was “extremely saddened and frustrated” that it was forced to close.
# Leeds
Three-year-old boy drowns in 'tragic accident' at swimming pool
Police are investigating the incident.
# clontarf baths
Seawater swimming pool, bar and restaurant to open in Clontarf next week
A seven-day pub licence was granted today.
# gozo
Six-year-old Irish girl seriously injured in Malta
Maltese police said that the girl got into difficulty while swimming in a pool at a private residence.
# south
Hepatitis A outbreak 'caused by fecal matter in swimming pool'
Five people, including three children, fell ill with the disease last year.
# Tallaght
Nine-year-old girl dies after falling ill at Dublin swimming pool
It is understood the child may have suffered from an underlying health issue.
# Templemore
Garda College says locals can no longer use its swimming pool
Locals can no longer use the swimming pool or playing fields.
# northside shopping centre
Here's why Northside Shopping Centre is one of the most special places in Ireland
Name one other shopping centre in Ireland with a swimming pool on the roof.
# urine trouble
How much pee is in public swimming pools? An awful lot actually
A recent study found 75 litres of urine in one public swimming pool in Canada.
# holiday park
Boy (4) dies after incident at swimming pool in England
Police are not treating the death as suspicious.
# dream home
This stunning Carrickmines home has everything you need - including a swimming pool
The five-bedroom Dublin home has the feel of a country house while still being close to the city.
# dear god
Man wakes up to find 8-foot crocodile in his swimming pool
Not the best way to start the day.
# new to market
Fancy a swimming pool, games room and round tower? Look no further...
This house in Wicklow has it all and more.
# underwater or not
Nobody can decide what the hell is going on in this picture
Remember The Dress? This might be even more confusing.
# Portugal
Irish tourist found dead in swimming pool of Portugal resort
The man had been staying at the resort with a group of family and friends.
# Unfair Dismissal
Lifeguard awarded €27,500 after being sacked for walking out of aqua aerobics class
Confusion about lifeguard to swimmer ratio led to the dismissal.
# splat
Take a minute and watch this man fail miserably at jumping into a pool
Stupidity at its finest.
# Tragedy
Demi Moore 'in absolute shock' after discovery of body in swimming pool at her home
The man’s death occurred at a party being held by her assistant in her absence.
# Los Angeles
Man has been found dead in swimming pool at the home of Demi Moore
An investigation into the incident is underway.
# Essex
Barrymore sues police over arrest in connection with murder at his home
The former TV star says his arrest over Stuart Lubbock’s death ruined his career.
# royal flush
You will feel the pain of this woman's spectacular backflop
Like a ton of bricks.
# Holiday Camp
Around 40 injured after chemical spill at swimming pool
The spill occurred at a holiday camp in England.
# Cancelled
There was a mini swimming pool forming on the pitch at Richmond Park yesterday
The game between Pat’s and Rovers has been called off.
# fantasy vs reality
These hotels look nothing like the photos they post on their websites
Sometimes they’re not quite as spectacular in real life as the hotels would like you to think…
# Urban Beach
Dún Laoghaire might not get that floating outdoor swimming pool after all...
Fancy a dip off Dún Laoghaire pier?
# Water Water Everywhere
This video of an extremely deep swimming pool will give you weird feelings
It’s 113 feet deep. NO THANKS.
# Tragedy
Two-year-old Irish boy drowns in Spanish swimming pool
It’s believed the child fell from a wall into a neighbour’s pool.
# rescue me
Hero pool guy saves tiny ground squirrel from drowning
Reminder that there are good people out there.
# Fight Fight Fight
Two TDs had a go at each other on Twitter today... mainly over a local swimming pool
Can’t we all just get along….
# doggy paddle
Watch this puppy surf across a pool on another dog's back
Cowabunga, dude!
Poo in the pool? 11 of the worst things about going swimming
That smell of chlorine is from us. Sorry.
# hasseldog
VIDEO: Hasselhoff dog to the rescue...
…Young puppy nearly drowns but mum springs into action.
# Massachusetts
Two charged after woman lay dead in public pool for two days
A 36-year-old woman lay undiscovered in a swimming pool for two days – while the pool itself remained open for business.
# Google Ireland
Google set to build swimming pool for Irish staff
The search giant plans to offer the in-house facility as one of a range of perks for workers in its new Montevetro building.
# twintastic
Four sets of twins staff swimming pool
Two sets of identical twins and two sets of fraternal twins mean swimmers will be seeing double at US leisure facility.
# Tragic
Boy who died in hotel pool tragedy named
The young Dublin boy drowned in the pool at the Gleneagles Hotel in Killarney, Co Kerry.
Four-year-old boy in a critical condition after Galway swimming accident
Two lifeguards at Leisureland, Salthill performed CPR on the child for 30 minutes after he got into difficulty in the water.