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6 celebs who have used Tinder to find lurve
What was their experience on Tinder like.
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If you're on Tinder, there's now a site that can spy on you
Swipe Buster allows people to search for anyone using Tinder for less than a fiver.
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This is the least smooth message anyone has ever sent on Tinder
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A supermodel has been 'begging' me for sex: Tinder's CEO
Sean Rad’s bosses have already disowned his comments.
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A lad chatted to girls on Tinder using only Wayne Rooney tweets... and it didn't go so well
“Mate mate mate mate mate.”
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10 of the absolute worst things you can put in your Tinder bio
Be warned.
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Use Tinder? There's a big change on the way
You’ll soon be able to “super like” people.
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This woman went on Tinder with no make-up to see how many matches she would get
Compared to the exact same photos retouched.
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17 Tinder bios that will make you want to stay single forever
It’s a jungle out there.
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This guy has the best/worst Tinder pic of all time
Hey Brandon. How you doin’?