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Philly from Tallafornia's return to First Dates ended with the biggest plot twist ever
Which Iconic Cormac from Tallafornia Moment Are You?
He had many, many fabulous moments.
Here's what the whole cast of Tallafornia is up to now
Five eggs per bloke per day.
Phil from Tallafornia was on First Dates Ireland last night and well, he hasn't changed a bit
The nation’s heart went out to his poor date.
Here's why those Spotify playlists have taken over Irish Twitter
Romance isn’t dead.
Tallaght's Square shopping centre is clear for expansion after its court battle with Dunnes
The development has been stalled for years, with the supermarket accused of ‘blocking’ tactics.
Did Cormac from Tallafornia really buy five eggs per bloke per day?
This ends with a conspiracy only Jim Corr could get to the bottom of.
12 celebs who would be perfect in Irish Celebrity Big Brother
Mattress Mick in the role of Voice of Reason.
15 key differences between reality TV in Ireland and reality TV in America
We just do things differently.
18 of the most Tallaght things that ever happened
The beautiful south.
When you search 'Tallaght' on Google, something bad happens
Um. What?
People are now loving Tallafornia Marc after a massive argument on Big Brother
He’s now favourite to win again.
A Tallafornia cast member entered the Big Brother house last night and Ireland groaned
Remember Marc?
UTV Ireland: No, we're NOT combining Tallafornia and Geordie Shore for a super-reality-show
Galway nightclub delivers almighty burn to the cast of Tallafornia
Back to life, back to reality.
So, what's Corcaigh Shore all about?
GTL – Gym, Tesco, Langers.
Marc from Tallafornia's willy: A Twitter analysis
He got his lad out. Here’s how people reacted.
The Dredge: Lashing rain in Cannes, lashing willies in Tallaght
Warning, this Dredge features a Tallafornia star with his lad in his hand.
How Irish people react to a TV star tweeting their penis
We are filled with national pride. Oh wait, that would be revulsion.
Tallafornia's Phil Penny now selling 'P***k' t-shirts
It would appear he’s not taking legal action, after all.
How an embarrassing photo of a Tallafornia star went global
It’s the exact opposite of what Phil Penny wanted to happen.
'A logistical, logarithmic progression' : The year in 46 quotes
“It’s clear that people are pissed off with us as a government” and 45 other quotes that tell the story of 2012.
TV RECAP: Tallafornia - An Unwelcome Reunion (S2 EP1)
Dear reader, we are never getting those 29 minutes and 02 seconds back so we might as well make the most of them.
WATCH: Booze, boobs and buttocks in the new Tallafornia
They’ve all gone to Santa Ponsa… and it’s trashier than ever.
Is The Valleys the worst reality show ever?
Yes, probably.
TV3′s autumn line-up: Deception, Dallas … and the return of Tallafornia
And Vincent of course, we couldn’t forget Vincent…
Poll: Do reality TV shows set a bad example for home drinking?
Have your say in today’s poll…
Students focus on side of drink culture 'neglected by reality TV' says its competition looks at the aspects of home drinking which are glossed over on shows like the Geordie Shore and Tallafornia.
Column: Tallafornia isn't real - but it is normalising bad behaviour
“Four men and three women were plucked from the desperate masses and replanted in a Tallaght semi, cultivated on Grey Goose and a terrifying amount of eggs, and kept at a near tropical temperature so as to render clothes completely unfeasible.”
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Are you a 'true Tallafornian'? TV3 looks to cast second series of Tallafornia
Programme makers promise more stripping, sex, tears and tantrums – but this time in a mysterious exotic location. WE. CANNOT. WAIT.
Paddy doesn't know and lubricant of credit: The week in quotes
“Take off like a rocket”
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TV3 says Norris can watch Late Late after he criticises 'obnoxious' Tallafornia
The Senator criticised what he called the “drink-sodden programme” in the Seanad today.
The Daily Fix: Monday
In tonight’s Fix: Good news for Kevin Cardiff, new twists in the hacking scandal; a challenge to Putin; and the buzz for ‘Tallafornia’ is only mighty.
Over 450,000 tune in to Tallafornia
Almost half a million viewers tuned in to last night’s preview of the TV3 reality show – with the show itself not officially due to start until early next year.
TV3 at Christmas: #VinB on St Stephen's night and a sneak preview of Tallafornia
Viewers will also get a chance to catch the conclusion of The Apprentice and X Factors on both sides of the Atlantic this Christmas…
Fade Street ladies lose TV airtime
Meanwhile, TV3 gets ready to introduce us to the cast of Tallafornia (no, we’re not kidding).