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The Taegerbomb is the drink we all deserve this Dry January

Go on ye good thing!
Jan 22nd 2016, 9:58 AM 10,597 5

DRY JANUARY IS almost at its end, and you’re probably itching to get back out on the town.

But did you know you can have all the fun of doing a Jagerbomb…without doing a Jagerbomb?

SPIN 1038 - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Spin 1038

Teagerbombs (or Taegerbombs) are an ideal way to replicate a night out in the comfort of your own home – simply drop a small jug or shot glass of milk into your freshly-brewed tea and knock it back like the legend you are.

Evidence of this tea-drinking method stretches back to 2013, when this photo started doing the rounds:

Soon more and more people began to seek the thrill of the Teagerbomb.

We might go mad and have a few Taegerbombs this evening. Aren’t we awful bold?

H/T Spin 1038

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