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Here's why you would want to factory reset your device
It’s there in case you need to bring your phone back to square one, but what situations should you use it in?
Why is your smartphone's battery life so poor?
And is it going to get better any time soon?
Here are the uses for private browsing that you might not have thought of
Its uses extend beyond visiting sites you don’t want saved.
Here's how you should rescue a soaking wet smartphone*
*For those of us not lucky enough to own a waterproof or water-resistant device.
Why are 'unlimited' data plans not actually unlimited?
Two words: fair usage.
Getting an SD card to increase phone storage? Here's what you need to know
Micro SD cards are a handy way of increasing storage space on your smartphone, but there’s more to consider than just space.
How to make sure your phone doesn't get a scratch on it
If your phone has far too many scrapes and bumps, then it might be worth reassessing how you use it.
Can you control what permissions each app has access to?
If you want to use an app but don’t want to give it access to certain features on your phone, what can you do?
Find app permissions confusing? Here's what you need to know
If you’re not sure what features each app is accessing every time you use one, this is the place to start.
Here are the different lock screen security options at your disposal
Most of us settle for the tried and trusted PIN, but what else can you use to keep your phone safe?
What happens to your social media profiles when you pass away?
It’s not something any of us would want to think about, but if the situation arises, what do you do, and can you access them?
Mobile Monthly: The biggest developments that happened in August
Where everyone will be creating hyperlapse videos, Snapchat’s big plans are revealed and a different approach from Samsung.
Why you should take five minutes out of your time to activate Find my Phone
You will be thankful you activated it if your phone is ever stolen or goes missing.
What to keep in mind when using your phone as a WiFi connection
It has its advantages, but it also comes with its own risks.
Tech jargon leaving you confused? This glossary will help you out
If you don’t know your 4G from your selfie, then you’ve come to the right place.
Mobile Monthly: The biggest developments that happened in July
Apple teams up with an old rival, Google’s smart contact lens gets a boost and Microsoft’s digital assistant reveals a talent for predicting football results.
What to keep in mind when you're downloading apps
It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Refresher: Every smartphone gesture you will ever need
Because everyone has to start somewhere.